The Visual Microphone: Passive Recovery of Sound from Video

Aug. 7, 2014 by

Extracting audio from visual information. Algorithm recovers speech from the vibrations of a potato-chip bag filmed through soundproof glass. Researchers at MIT, Microsoft, and Adobe have developed an algorithm that can reconstruct an audio signal by analyzing minute vibrations of

Beautiful Film of Belgrade from Above

Nov. 6, 2012 by

Aerial shots of Belgrade captured with RC Helicopter – very cool

Studio Tools for Everyday Use – The Bullshit-o-meter

Aug. 25, 2012 by

The Bullshit-o-meterâ„¢ An absolute must for the modern urbanite the B-O-Mâ„¢ is an indispensable tool to weed out charlatans from charlottes.

Studio Tools for Everyday Use – The Skeptometer

Aug. 24, 2012 by

The Skeptometerâ„¢ 106 Tired of sifting through the onslaught of modern media? Wish you had a tool that could sort the mushrooms from the bullshit? Look no further.

Studio Tools for Everyday Use – The Intelligence Modificator

Aug. 23, 2012 by

The Intelligence Modificatorâ„¢ Big word hard? Long sentence hard? Too bad for you! People always mis-underestimating you? No Fun! Here’s Fun! Here is a new tool to make you brain work better.

Studio Tools for Everyday Use – The Vanity Modulator

Aug. 22, 2012 by

The Vanity Modulatorâ„¢ Pioneering the way in emotional attenuation The Vanity Modulatorâ„¢ is just what the ego ordered. Elastic pre-phensing, with micro-controllling trivetic accentuators (abbreviating all phrectic spatials) make the human ego your play ground.

Studio Tools for Everyday Use – The Argumentator

Aug. 21, 2012 by

The Argumentatorâ„¢ Are your arguments getting a bit stale? Does it feel like the bottom end of the point you are trying to make is all flabby and undefined while highs are shrill and ceaselessly tearing at your eardrums?

Studio Tools for Everyday Use – The Emotionator

Aug. 20, 2012 by

The Emotionatorâ„¢ With unique patented biphasal endlocking circuitry, Williams Fendel bracketing and top of the line inter-primed analog DSP exploiting sophisticated sophoreal algorithms The Emotionatorâ„¢ is the finest tool in the Everyday Use rack.

Red Bull 5G (Japan)

Red Bull 5G (Japan)

Jul. 20, 2012 by

Ultrasupernew has launched their Red Bull 5G campaign for Japan. I designed, produced and mixed the audio for the web video.

Shane Berry Live at 031 Republic Birthday Party

Jun. 14, 2012 by

What: My first live show in Serbia – 031 Republic Birthday Party Where: Contra Club, Užice, Serbia When: 2012-06-22 FRIDAY How: Free (I Think.) Who: Shane Berry Live, Marko Nikolić, DJ Uro, Ivan Pečeničić, Luka Vuković, Ivan Radojević.

Thank You TEDx Youth@Belgrade

May. 28, 2012 by

I am super thrilled and inspired to have been a part of the TEDx Youth@Belgrade Beyond May 25 event. I would to like thank everyone involved for their hard work and passion and for making this event so powerful.

h229 – Hydrogen Alpha EP

May. 24, 2012 by

h229 is a project collaboration between me and french techno maestro Xavier Morel. He comes up with the ideas and sounds and I flesh them out into arrangements and mix the final track together, adding a few twists and turns

Shane Berry at TEDx Youth@Belgrade

May. 21, 2012 by

I have been asked to give a talk at TEDx Youth@Belgrade on Saturday the 26th of May. I will be talking about two significant life changing events in my life; how they influenced my view of the world; and how

Shane Berry Studio Mix Series on DE Radio

May. 17, 2012 by

I’m very happy to be joining forces with Vancouver based kollectiv DE Radio and very excited to have the chance to add my Studio Mix Series to their superb collection of DJ Mixes and radio content online.

Shane Berry Loop Packs for Sale on

May. 11, 2012 by

We at are very happy to present to you a duo of powerhouse loop-packs from Mr.Berry, both showcasing his bent take on minimal techno. Nasty, distasteful and definitely no respect for your mother, Glitchy and Twisty does what it

Leonard Bernstein’s Harvard Lectures on Music

Mar. 14, 2012 by

In 1972, the composer Leonard Bernstein returned to Harvard, his alma mater, to serve as the Charles Eliot Norton Professor of Poetry, with “Poetry” being defined in the broadest sense. The position, first created in 1925, asks faculty members to


Feb. 27, 2012 by

A wonderful video dedicated to the people of baro. Life has a rhythm, it’s constantly moving. The word for rhythm (used by the Malinke tribes) is FOLI. It is a word that encompasses so much more than drumming, dancing or

The Fundamentals of Synthesizer Programming

Feb. 23, 2012 by

Moog Music Inc. presents Dr. Joseph Akins’ five part series on the fundamentals of synthesizer programming. Dr. Akins is an associate professor at Middle Tennessee State University and strives to teach his students a complete understanding of synthesizers and computers

Shane Berry DJ Set – Studio Mix Series 003 – Coming Soon

Feb. 22, 2012 by

A new DJ Set is on the way. The third installment of my “Studio Mix Series” features tracks from Gui Boratto, Boris Brejcha and two new original tracks by me – “wellwellwell” and the floor stomping, mind melting “Takuot”. Progressive,

Melting Ice Damages Boats on Danube

Feb. 21, 2012 by

On February 19th, 2012, after record low temperatures and crippling levels of snowfall, the weather in Belgrade returned to yearly averages causing massive destruction to riverside property as the ice on the frozen Danube began to melt and sweep away

Info on the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement

Jan. 27, 2012 by

ACTA – the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement – is an international agreement that aims to establish multinational standards on intellectual property rights enforcement. The title of the treaty suggests the agreement deals with counterfeit goods, such as medicines and luxury goods.

PIPA and SOPA: Why You Should Care

Jan. 18, 2012 by

H.R.3261 “Stop Online Piracy Act” and S.968 “PROTECT IP”, could radically change the landscape of the Internet. These bills provide overly broad mechanisms for enforcement of copyright which would restrict innovation and threaten the existence of websites with user-submitted content,

Shane Berry Farewell Japan Party

Dec. 14, 2011 by

What: Just Do It! Where: En-Sof, Tokyo When: 2011-12-17 SATURDAY Who: DJ Wada, Shane Berry Live, Minoda, Masa, Sports Koide My very last live show as a Tokyo/Japan resident.

Mesmerizing Time-lapsed Illustration

Nov. 30, 2011 by

An incredible time-lapse video of Spanish artist Dei Gaztelumendi working from start to finish on a post-apocalyptic illustration for a magazine cover. The level of detail he goes into, far beyond where most people would have hung up their proverbial

Vibes against Vibes Release Party

Nov. 22, 2011 by

What: Vibes against Vibes Release Party Where: Club Metro Kyoto When: 2011-11-24 THURSDAY Who: Kihira Naoki, Shane Berry, Baiyon, DiE / Noguci


Sep. 7, 2011 by

A stark glimpse into a post nuclear Tokyo that is more real now than ever.

Julian Treasure: 5 ways to listen better

Aug. 24, 2011 by

Julian Treasure is a sound expert who has some very solid ideas about the role of sound in society. He is a huge advocate for its conscious use in architectural environments and its healing possibilities.

Vihart on the Science of Sound

Aug. 22, 2011 by

Vihart makes incredibly entertaining and informative videos about the magic and beauty of mathematics. In this video she eloquently explains the intrinsic relationship between sound and mathematics, plus a whole lot more.

Reggie Watts Pops Some Tech

Aug. 4, 2011 by

The inimitable Mr Watts strikes again. Surreal, sublime and funny.

Setting Up Your Studio/Performance Session with One Click

Aug. 2, 2011 by

You know when, after many years of knowing someone, you find out that they can do an amazing array of card tricks or juggle chainsaws while singing Bohemian Rhapsody? That’s how I feel about OSX right now after watching this

Brian Eno Lecture Moscow 2011

Jul. 13, 2011 by

Brian Eno Lecture Moscow 2011.

Everything is a Remix

Jun. 23, 2011 by

A wonderfully concise look at remix culture and its integral relation to creativity.

Game of the Century – Bobby Fischer vs Donald Byrne

Jun. 23, 2011 by

Bobby Fischer plays Donald Byrn at the tender age of 13 and wins with one of the most legendary sacrifices in chess history.

How the Internet is being filtered by “Personalization”

May. 16, 2011 by

Eli Pariser shows the detriments of what he calls the “filter bubble” – behind the scenes algorithmic editing of the web by companies like Google and Facebook that slowly filter out what we DON’T click on in favour of what

Audio Myths Workshop (Repost)

May. 14, 2011 by

Self proclaimed propeller head Ethan Winer explodes some audio myths and pokes a rational finger at $20 000 power cables. Joining him (all too briefly) are Poppy Crum a neuroscientist at Johns Hopkins who conducts research on neural circuits in

3D Sound Recording and Playback

Apr. 25, 2011 by

Edgar Choueiri, a professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering at Princeton University, has developed a way to play true three-dimensional sound recordings over regular loudspeakers, such as those found in televisions and computer laptops.

Radioactive Mama – Too Soon?

Apr. 18, 2011 by

Sheldon Allman was a genius. His masterpiece, Folk Songs for the 21st Century, recorded in 1960, is one of the greatest albums of all time – ever – in the universe.

Sounds Of Tokyo – Jazz Buskers on Shibuya Crossing

Apr. 13, 2011 by

Central Tokyo is a notoriously unfriendly place for busking. It’s illegal in subway stations and train stations and anywhere else a single complaint from the public about the noise will bring the cops around in a downbeat.

In Support of Kevin Saunderson – Copy/Paste Culture Rears its Ugly Head

Feb. 25, 2011 by

Kevin Saunderson made a post recently on his website calling out a pair of Italian producers for lifting, wholesale, a loop from an iconic track of his and apparently making a name for themselves off the back of his original

Greta Cottage Workshop Radio feat. Shane Berry

Feb. 19, 2011 by

A live set I recorded in Chichibu 2009 will be aired on Greta Cottage Workshop Radio on Soundart Radio 102.5FM on Saturday February 19 at 22:00 GMT. To access the show visit their website, click on “Listen” and download the

Baiyon – LittleBigPlanet2

Jan. 26, 2011 by

My good friend and music collaborator, Kyoto based artist and musician, Baiyon contributed significantly to the music of LittleBigPlanet2. Baiyon’s role is best described in this excerpt from a post on about the music in LBP2.

Diginity in Mastery

Jan. 5, 2011 by

I figured the best way to start blogging this year would be to share a video of someone masterfully ironing a men’s dress shirt. No tricks, no advanced technology; just focus, dedication and style.

Fallen Art – Tomek Baginski/Poland/2005.

Dec. 7, 2010 by

Way before there was YouTube (no really) iFilm (now defunct and absorbed into was the place to watch clips and video online and it has been years since I have been able to find this animation, which ranks amongst

New Project With Xavier Morel and Other Ventures

Dec. 6, 2010 by

Here is a short round up of what I have been up to the last few weeks and as soon as I have a block of time to write some more articles and reviews I’ll get down to it.

Aldous Huxley Interview

Oct. 19, 2010 by

Aldous Huxley’s works are profound and life altering, and he has left a powerful mark on modern culture and thought. Here is a half our interview with him speaking to Mike Wallace.

Sasha Plays Shane Berry Track, Pullitout

Sep. 13, 2010 by

My latest release on Greta Cottage Workshop has been getting a lot of support from Sasha and this has been generating some great feedback for me. Here is a clip of him opening a four hour set with my track

Another Amazing Wall Painted Animation by Blu.

Jul. 6, 2010 by

Amazing time-lapsed animated graffiti/street art by Blu.

Unheard Songs

Jun. 28, 2010 by

There exists, right now, as you read this, a genuine, unexplored jungle island in the Bay of Bengal inhabited by a pre-neolithic people who have had no formative contact with the outside world in 15.000 years. They kill anyone who

Fantastic Speaker Placement Article

Jun. 17, 2010 by

Although I have a separate space I rent dedicated to making music, affectionately known as “the Bunker”, it remains an untreated studio apartment at heart and while having better acoustics than most wood, brick and mortar shoe box “mansions” in

Three Notes Walk into a Bar

Jun. 16, 2010 by

A joke for the music theory nerds in all of us. Okay maybe not all of us…

The Fragility of Historical Recollection

Jun. 15, 2010 by

I saw this video a while back and it really tickled my funny bone. I would be hard pressed to even give you a detailed rundown of what I did last Tuesday let alone events one thousand years distant.

Some Great Drumming

Jun. 7, 2010 by

A good drummer for me must have the best of all nuances, funk, syncopation, rhythm and most importantly dynamic range.

Note To Self…

May. 16, 2010 by

TURN OFF THE LOOP SWITCH BEFORE STARTING TO RECORD A LIVE SET! I cannot upload last night’s set at Jam Renaissance because I left the Loop Switch on and that means the entire hour’s set tried to record itself into

Infographic on Music Artist Earnings in the Digital Market Place.

Apr. 14, 2010 by

This interesting infographic (via information is beautiful) is a great way to visualize and compare certain avenues of revenue on the internet for musicians.

Reggie Watts For the Win

Mar. 29, 2010 by

The inimitable Reggie Watts and his fantastic parody of Hip Hop culture and music videos.

Liars – Scissors

Mar. 2, 2010 by

Fantastic film for the track “Scissors” by NYC band Liars.

Record Grooves Under Electron Microscope

Feb. 18, 2010 by

Chris Supranowitz is a researcher at The Insitute of Optics at the University of Rochester. Along with a number of other spectacular studies (such as quantum optics, trapping of atoms, dark states and entanglement), he has taken some amazing pictures of

Award Winning Music Video.

Feb. 9, 2010 by

‘Hibi no Neiro’ (Tone of everyday) This music video was shot for Sour’s ‘Hibi no Neiro’ (Tone of everyday) from their first mini album ‘Water Flavor EP’. The cast were selected from the actual Sour fan base, from many countries

Audio Myth Workshop

Jan. 27, 2010 by

Self proclaimed propeller head Ethan Winer explodes some audio myths and pokes a rational finger at $20 000 power cables.

Breaking 10 000?

Jan. 22, 2010 by

Interesting 3 part series and interview with Tom Silverman (Tommyboy Entertainment) about New Music and the numbers of “New Artists” breaking into the music selling industry.

Hecq Vs Exillion – Spheres Of Fury

Jan. 11, 2010 by

My good friend and fellow co-conspirator a few years back Timo Preece (AKA Gravity Terminal) turned me onto this great video.

Amazing Animated Wall Art

Jan. 11, 2010 by

Two Amazing Animated Wall Art videos by street artist Blu and David Ellis.

History of House Music

Jan. 8, 2010 by

Great 3 part BBC4 documentary on the history of House music.

Seasons Greetings – Tim Minchin Style

Dec. 19, 2009 by

The end of year arrives and everything comes to a blessed slowdown, everyone going somewhere or nowhere at all, reflecting on the year behind and pondering the year ahead. To all my friends, fans, supporters and critics, you make what

Interview and Live Show on Diesel:U:Music Radio

Sep. 24, 2009 by

A few weeks back, I headed out to Shibuya to meet Gabriel Ananda and his girlfriend Alice Rose to have dinner and play a few games of darts.

The Web Trends Map Project

Jun. 13, 2009 by

The Web Trends Map 4 beta is up and the promotion campaign for the online interactive version has begun. I created the sound and music for the video and the full audio track can be downloaded from the site for

Recent Activity

Feb. 4, 2009 by

I installed a new computer in the studio making production much easier! (More power! Cue maniacal mad professor laughter and thunderbolts.) I am now working on breathing life into some new projects not related to live shows for a change!

James Clar Short Time Lapse

Apr. 11, 2008 by

My good friend, the insanely gifted lighting designer James Clar has posted a short hypnotic time lapse clip of shibuya crossing from his blog. The music is a track I produced called Serillo.

In the news… kind of…

Dec. 13, 2007 by

I contributed a few ideas about creativity, media ownership and online filesharing to an article in The Japan Times written by UltraSuperNew. CEO Michael Sheetal.

New Studio

Nov. 16, 2007 by

New studio in Harajuku, loving it, no internet yet. News updates more sporadic than ever … hmmm.

Cable Porn

Feb. 17, 2007 by

If getting so excited about new audio cables is wrong, I don’t ever want to be right.

Dear Mr Twomey

Jan. 2, 2007 by

Dear Mr Twomey, where do I begin?