The Visual Microphone: Passive Recovery of Sound from Video

Beautiful Film of Belgrade from Above

Studio Tools for Everyday Use – The Bullshit-o-meter

Studio Tools for Everyday Use – The Skeptometer

Studio Tools for Everyday Use – The Intelligence Modificator

Studio Tools for Everyday Use – The Vanity Modulator

Studio Tools for Everyday Use – The Argumentator

Studio Tools for Everyday Use – The Emotionator

Red Bull 5G (Japan)

Red Bull 5G (Japan)

Shane Berry Live at 031 Republic Birthday Party

Thank You TEDx Youth@Belgrade

h229 – Hydrogen Alpha EP

Shane Berry at TEDx Youth@Belgrade

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Leonard Bernstein’s Harvard Lectures on Music


The Fundamentals of Synthesizer Programming

Shane Berry DJ Set – Studio Mix Series 003 – Coming Soon

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Info on the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement

PIPA and SOPA: Why You Should Care

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Mesmerizing Time-lapsed Illustration

Vibes against Vibes Release Party


Julian Treasure: 5 ways to listen better

Vihart on the Science of Sound

Reggie Watts Pops Some Tech

Setting Up Your Studio/Performance Session with One Click

Brian Eno Lecture Moscow 2011

Everything is a Remix

Game of the Century – Bobby Fischer vs Donald Byrne

How the Internet is being filtered by “Personalization”

Audio Myths Workshop (Repost)

3D Sound Recording and Playback

Radioactive Mama – Too Soon?

Sounds Of Tokyo – Jazz Buskers on Shibuya Crossing

In Support of Kevin Saunderson – Copy/Paste Culture Rears its Ugly Head

Greta Cottage Workshop Radio feat. Shane Berry

Baiyon – LittleBigPlanet2

Diginity in Mastery

Fallen Art – Tomek Baginski/Poland/2005.

New Project With Xavier Morel and Other Ventures

Aldous Huxley Interview

Sasha Plays Shane Berry Track, Pullitout

Another Amazing Wall Painted Animation by Blu.

Unheard Songs

Fantastic Speaker Placement Article

Three Notes Walk into a Bar

The Fragility of Historical Recollection

Some Great Drumming

Note To Self…

Infographic on Music Artist Earnings in the Digital Market Place.

Reggie Watts For the Win

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Record Grooves Under Electron Microscope

Award Winning Music Video.

Audio Myth Workshop

Breaking 10 000?

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History of House Music

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The Web Trends Map Project

Recent Activity

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