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My good friend and music collaborator, Kyoto based artist and musician, Baiyon contributed significantly to the music of LittleBigPlanet2. Baiyon’s role is best described in this excerpt from a post on about the music in LBP2.

“Baiyon is a legend (Art Director and Sound Director for Pixel Junk Eden!), and we had the pleasure of hosting him at Mm Towers a few months back. Here’s a little video I made of the man himself whilst he was busy trying to work on his tunes:

So, not only has he written a couple of exclusive tracks for you, he’s done it in the music sequencer, and he made his own instruments which you can use in your own sequencer tracks. And you can edit his music, rearrange it, deconstruct it, add to it and generally just go nuts. The cool thing about the music sequencer though is that you can add more than just instruments to it – you could, say, add some of the new logic gadgets and control a light show that accompanies your music in perfect synch, or kick-off a bunch of dancing Sackbots. The possibilities really are quite, quite insane.” – Kenneth Young

I am not much of a gamer but LPB is definitely on my radar (right after Katamari Damacy and Shadow of the Colossus for PS2) and LBP2 looks amazing from what I have seen and heard on the net and from speaking with Baiyon.

His work on Pixel Junk Eden really is legendary (the complete soundtrack is in heavy rotation in my studio) and I know how much he loves, lives and breathes music and games.

I’m really happy to see him in his element bringing both together in such a spectacular way.

Full Mediamolecule Article

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  1. Oliver Edwards

    Just like the web is bringing the world together combining things from multiple areas creates beautiful things. Perhaps the future will be more about knowing details about a lot of things and bringing the world closer together. It would surely make life easier, imagine a world where architects and engineers can work together without talking past each other.

  2. Rhythm Droid

    Those loops were ill!

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