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A good drummer for me must have the best of all nuances, funk, syncopation, rhythm and most importantly dynamic range.

First up Vincent Colaiuta, Steve Gadd and Dave Weckl share the stage.

Then Tony Royster JR when he was just twelve years of age. He has tons of stuff up on YouTube and has grown up a lot since then but this remains my all time fave. Yeah that he is so young is a novelty but I feel it wears off after the first minute when you just know that he knows what he is doing and well damn, it’s amazing for a kid to belt out a live solo of this calibre.

The jam he busts out at around 6:10 just feeds my need.

After that I love this interview with Danny Carey from Tool where he plays along with Lateralus and talks about his influences. It’s great to get a peek into the playing style of one of the most innovative rock drummers in the last 20 years.

He also talks about the art of tuning drums and playing them “open” as opposed to damping them with tape and pillows.

And just for the insanity of it all Terry Bozzio. Words… I can’t even…

And Terry Bozzio playing the legendary Frank Zappa (careful LOUD MUSIC) composition The Black Page (solo)

And in Context.

And with that we have a neat little circle of some cool drumming.

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