Posted by on 14/05/2011

Self proclaimed propeller head Ethan Winer explodes some audio myths and pokes a rational finger at $20 000 power cables. Joining him (all too briefly) are Poppy Crum a neuroscientist at Johns Hopkins who conducts research on neural circuits in the auditory cortex involved in hearing in a complex acoustic environment, and fellow scientist James Johnston chief scientist for DTS.

The first 10 minutes are a crudely edited but worth watching and Mr Winer’s presentation starts in at around 09:40.

He does interesting side by side comparisons of “high end” and “low end” sound cards, dithered and undithered recordings (can you really hear the difference?), demonstrates what phase shift sounds like, compares high- and low-end converters, teaches proper test methods, explains why hearing is not as reliable as test gear, and much more.


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