Posted by on 11/05/2012

We at are very happy to present to you a duo of powerhouse loop-packs from Mr.Berry, both showcasing his bent take on minimal techno. Nasty, distasteful and definitely no respect for your mother, Glitchy and Twisty does what it says on the tin and then kicks the tin into orbit. The curiously titled Fewler and Roggenart gives you all the tools to create twisted and consciousness altering breakdowns and arrangements for your latest floor melting activities.

Listen and Buy Sample Pack Here

Listen and Buy Sample Pack Here

With, it’s easy to find loops for use in your productions by music industry professionals, underground creators and all sorts of users just like you. The content covers a wide variety of genres from Techno and Dance Music, Hip-Hop and Urban to live instrumentation played by session musicians and everything in between.Each pack contains 40-80 loops at a set $4.50 USD price point per pack and is downloadable in both high quality WAV and AIFF (appleloop) format.

You can now upload and SELL YOUR OWN LOOPS. We split the gross sale value with you 50/50, so if a loop pack sells for $4.50, you get $2.25.

So what are you waiting for? Start making music NOW!

– The audioBase Team.


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