Posted by on 24/08/2012

The Skeptometerâ„¢ 106

Tired of sifting through the onslaught of modern media? Wish you had a tool that could sort the mushrooms from the bullshit? Look no further. Skeptometerâ„¢ 106 technology, namely it’s Bi-matriculated endochronetic cruspulations, yielding no more than 106 archons per sufficiency relapse, indicates massive results in terms of spillage and out of phase conflations, common factors when factoring in multiple streams of differing data. Now, for the first time, with The Skeptometerâ„¢ 106, you modulate these streams and strip out all unnecessary augmentation, but based on your own preferences! Tired of hyperbole and hype? A simple fader action will remove it completely! Or if you are overwhelmed by “facts” a few tweaks here and there will make them all go away. No artifacts, no noise just, clean, modulated media from all forms of devices. Analog or digital, combine streams, or separate them into individual channels.

The shining feature is the patented Skeptometerâ„¢ – a simple twist of the dial and the filter automatically adjusts to your desired level of skepticism – from spectacular stupidity to ignorance is bliss, to I don’t want to live on this planet anymore, your skepticism is now entirely within your control.


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