Studio Tools for Everyday Use – The Argumentator

The Argumentator™

Are your arguments getting a bit stale? Does it feel like the bottom end of the point you are trying to make is all flabby and undefined while highs are shrill and ceaselessly tearing at your eardrums?Not to mention that muddy middle ground! Emotional and social awkwardness hampering your interactions? Never fear because The Argumentator™ is here! With a unique and patent pending gender cross over filter, The Argumentator™, using qualitative stasis underpinned my metric (rather than incremental) step links, is a powerful tool to make up for your lack of emotional maturity and short term memory. Argued yourself, by way of a meandering circle, into a corner? No problem! An onboard HD with a full 256mb of ram can hold up to four key points, or “incriminators”, for instant recall via the easy to use push/retrieve control inputs. Realtime feedback of input vs output means you can monitor not only what you are saying what what the other person is hearing too, even at different bit depths!

An added feature is our proprietary NSO/PSO (Negative/Positive Sentiment Overide) technology. Remember how her cute little pixie laugh used to make you all warm and fuzzy inside but now it grates on your nerve like a razor blade across your achilles heel? Well that’s because you are over riding positive sentiments with negative ones, so it is now possible to dial back the NSO pump the PSO and fluff up inside over her annoying cackle! Also added to this feature is the ability to modulate and filter criticism, contempt defensiveness and stonewalling, the so called four horsemen of a doomed relationship.