Posted by on 18/04/2011

Sheldon Allman was a genius. His masterpiece, Folk Songs for the 21st Century, recorded in 1960, is one of the greatest albums of all time – ever – in the universe.

The album is a geektastic wonder ray of dark sci-fi humour and inspired nerdy lyricsm. From rocket ship space operas to fourth dimensional love affairs and robotic trysts doomed to failure he captures the spirit of the kid in us all and pokes a stick in the eye of convention.

I absolutely x^2+7x+2-11/3 Sheldon Allman.

He is also prescient as he wrote the soundtrack to our recent nuclear experience here in Tokyo and whenever the tentacles of fear over the radiation issue tickle we dance around the house like mad to this tune to alleviate the tension that has taken root in our lives.

Whatever spaceship you are zooming around in now Mr Allman – thank you for being such an oddball.


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