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What: Just Do It!
Where: En-Sof, Tokyo
When: 2011-12-17 SATURDAY
Who: DJ Wada, Shane Berry Live, Minoda, Masa, Sports Koide
My very last live show as a Tokyo/Japan resident.

I cannot be more thrilled to be on the same line up as DJ Wada and the Just Do It crew for my final performance in Tokyo.

For many years I have been doing their outdoor party at the Asami campsite in Chichibu and our history goes back a long way.

DJ Wada is a legend and true inspiration for my music and he is, without doubt, one of the best Techno DJs in the world.

I plan to play selected tracks from my entire back catalogue in (roughly) chronological order. Some of the tunes have never seen the light of a dance floor and some are time honored classics, those who know will recognize them.

As always there will be one or two surprises… plus a slew of new tracks fresh off the press.

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    hello Shane,
    i am looking forward to listening your live set on Sat !!!
    see you soon!

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