Studio Tools for Everyday Use – The Vanity Modulator

The Vanity Modulator™

Pioneering the way in emotional attenuation The Vanity Modulator™ is just what the ego ordered. Elastic pre-phensing, with micro-controllling trivetic accentuators (abbreviating all phrectic spatials) make the human ego your play ground. Our patented (pending FDA approval) elastic pre-phensing inflates ego without any need for actual merit. In side by side double douche bagged studio tests done with some of the music industry’s biggest assholes The Vanity Modulator™ has proven indistinguishable from the real thing. Professional or Beginner? No problem! Just run though some of our basic presets, crank up that arrogance and inflate your ego to Rock Star levels – it has never been easier. Alternatively if you are already a massive prick, use The Vanity Modulator™ to scale back on the douche and reap the rewards of modesty and humility.

The Vanity Modulator™ a powerful tool so you don’t have to be one.