Studio Tools for Everyday Use – The Intelligence Modificator

The Intelligence Modificator™

Big word hard? Long sentence hard? Too bad for you! People always mis-underestimating you? No Fun! Here’s Fun! Here is a new tool to make you brain work better. By turning a few knobs here and there for the very first time in human history, nay the universe at large, direct manipulation of the neurological functions of the human mind have been achieved. As part of its statutory remit to control inhibitory neurotransmitters in relation to the organisation and operation of neural networks and spatial thematics, the Intelligence modificator is tits! Dial in an IQ and never look stupid again, or alternatively if your sharp wit and book reading skills are keeping you out of the pants of a certain someone, notch it down a few points and you’ll never read away a lay again.

The Intelligence Modificator™, you’ll never think about it again.