Studio Tools for Everyday Use – The Emotionator

The Emotionator™

With unique patented biphasal endlocking circuitry, Williams Fendel bracketing and top of the line inter-primed analog DSP exploiting sophisticated sophoreal algorithms The Emotionator™ is the finest tool in the Everyday Use rack.Never again be at a loss for what to feel. Tweak to your heart’s content as all emotions are modulated according to your very own settings. Angry? Pull back on that fader and slide up the love. Not pissed off enough? Crank that sucker up to 11, phase out all guilt and get maddening. No studio is complete without The Emotionator™. Worried a client won’t like your final mix? Demo not sounding good enough to pop in the mail? Never fear again, just modulate your anxieties away. Box comes shipped with a stunning array of nuanced emotional presets for every occasion or just twiddle away and surprise yourself!

The Emotionator™, you`ll wonder how you lived without one your whole life.