Shane Berry Live at 031 Republic Birthday Party

Jun. 14, 2012 by

What: My first live show in Serbia – 031 Republic Birthday Party Where: Contra Club, Užice, Serbia When: 2012-06-22 FRIDAY How: Free (I Think.) Who: Shane Berry Live, Marko Nikolić, DJ Uro, Ivan Pečeničić, Luka Vuković, Ivan Radojević.

BrainBusters Monsters Ball 2011 – Shane Berry (DJ Set)

BrainBusters Monsters Ball 2011 – Shane Berry (DJ Set)

Oct. 25, 2011 by

I’ll be DJing one of my last shows in Japan at the J-Pop Cafe in Shibuya for the BrainBusters Monsters Ball 2011 on Saturday October 29th. It’s a fancy dress so come suitably attired. Joining me on the roster is

Live Painting and Sound Performance

Sep. 12, 2011 by

Links For more info visit the Facebook Page (requires Facebook login)

Sound Art Collaboration with Gregoire Poitevin

Jun. 14, 2011 by

The blank canvas is both a literal and figurative starting point of creation in any medium. Some stand before it with a clear vision in their minds ready for it to be actualized in an external place with clarity and

Night Shift

Nov. 2, 2010 by

Any given weekend in Tokyo is soaked to the gills in techno events but once you step outside the greater downtown areas of Shibuya. Nakameguro and Daikanyama (a stones throw apart from each other) there really isn’t much happening techno

Exclusive, Shane Berry Live Online at 21:00 Japan Time.

Aug. 19, 2010 by

As part of promotion for the upcoming Summer Sounds Volume 2 I will be performing an exclusive live set via the Internet from Sangenchaya TV on Thursday evening the 19th of August at 21:00 Japan Time. (12:00 GMT). I am

Rare Opportunity To See Shane Berry Live Before Midnight Saturday

Jul. 28, 2010 by

For all you old codgers and day trawlers out there who constantly complain that my live performances are always on too late and use the fact as an excuse to never make it out to my shows, pick up your

Just Do It! Outdoor Techno Festival – Chichibu Asami Campsite

Jul. 12, 2010 by

The true techno spirit lives on in the mountains of Chichibu this coming weekend the 17th – 18th of July. I am thrilled to be playing at the “Just Do It!” outdoor festival again this year and it’s my absolute

Hennessy-Artistry 09/11/14

Nov. 4, 2009 by

What: Hennessy-Artistry “the global art of mixing” promotional campaign When: 09/11/14 SATURDAY Where: Soundbar+ How: First half of the evening is invitation only, after Â¥2500 Who: Xavier Morel, Trippplnippples, Shane Berry Live

Exotec Lounge 2009/08/29

Aug. 22, 2009 by

What: Exotec Lounge When: 2009/08/29 SATURDAY 21:00 – Late Where: Bonobo How: Â¥1500 (1D & Free Food) Who: THE KLO,Shane Berry Live and more

Dirty Works Release Party

May. 27, 2009 by

What: Dirty Works 12 Hour Release Party When: 2009/05/29 (Friday) Where: Rockwest How: DOOR 3,000yen(1D) WITH FLYER 2,500yen(1D) AM5:30- DOOR 1,500yen WITH FLYER1,000yen Who: RENNIE FOSTER, SHANE BERRY, KAITO

Dirty Works Release Party 2009/05/29 (Friday)

Dirty Works Release Party 2009/05/29 (Friday)

May. 27, 2009 by

Dirty Works Records presents the launch of Rennie Foster`s second full length album “Soul Music for the Damned” at Rockwest in Shibuya on Friday the 29th of May. It is going to be a marathon 12 hr event showcasing the

Yuk 2009/04/09

Mar. 24, 2009 by

What: Yuk. When: 2009/04/09 THURSDAY Where: Womb How: TBC Who: Shane Berry Live (Trapez LTD), DJ Wada, Dave Twomey

Sembrado 2009/04/03

Mar. 24, 2009 by

What: Angle presents “Sembrado”@club metro When: 2009/04/03 FRIDAY 22:00 start Where: Metro (Kyoto) How: adv 2000yen(w1d) / door 2500yen(w1d). Who: Shane Berry Live (Trapez LTD)

Bloom 2009/03/28

Mar. 24, 2009 by

What: Bloom. When: 2009/03/28 SATURDAY Where: Tangerine How: ¥1000/1d Who: Shane Berry Live (Trapez LTD), Wata, Winnie the pooh, BmBoy, Kazoo

Live Shows Coming Up

Mar. 24, 2009 by

“Bloom” 28th of March at Tangerine in Shibuya. “Sembroga” 4th of April at Club Metro Kyoto “Yuk” 9th of April at Womb in Shibuya

Atrip 2009/01/25

Jan. 18, 2009 by

What: Atrip When: 2009/01/25 SUNDAY Where: Secobar How: ¥3000 w/f + 1d/ ¥3500 door + 1d Who: Shane Berry Live (Trapez LTD),DJ Takayuki Shiraishi and resident DJs.

Ignite 2009/01/24

Jan. 18, 2009 by

What: Ignite When: 2009/01/24 SATURDAY Where: Club Module How: ¥2500/1d(door) ¥2000/1d(w/f) Who: Shane Berry Live (Trapez LTD),Satoshi Endo, DJ Wada and resident DJs.

Flower 2nd Anniversary 2008/12/20

Dec. 15, 2008 by

Playing at an intimate underground party in Kokubunji. Can”t wait! What: Flower 2nd Anniversary When: 2008/12/20 Where: Fukumimi – SAKAE bldg B1F Honcho 3-4-4 Kokubunji City Tokyo (Kokubuji Station – 30 minutes from Shinjuku) How: Â¥1500 with Drink Who: Guest

No No Nights 2008/12/19

Dec. 12, 2008 by

Roppongi. Strip club called White Room. Need I say more?

Trends and Friends 2008/11/29

Nov. 23, 2008 by

The ultralounge has been making a mark on the nightclub scene here in Tokyo and rocks out on a tight and sturdy JBL Sound system. Trends and Friend brings together a roster of Tokyo talent from Europe, Japan and South

Traum World Tour – JPN 2008/09/22

Sep. 17, 2008 by

I will be Joining Triple R and SLG at club Asia on Monday the 22nd for the Japan leg of the Traum 10th Anniversary world tour. Triple R aka Riley Reinhold is the man behind the Traum Schallplatten empire which

Mado Lounge Sonic Boom!! 2008/08/23

Aug. 14, 2008 by

Continuing his hugely successful themed parties Guy Perryman presents Sonic Boom!! Saturday the 23rd of August at the Mado Lounge on the 52nd Floor of Roppongi Hills, floor to ceiling windows, a stunning view of Tokyo and of course fine,

Shane Berry Joins Grain Records Mini Tour

Jul. 8, 2008 by

I am thrilled to join Grain Records on a mini tour down to Oasaka and Fukui on the weekend of the 11th and 12th of July. First we will do a show at Vano in Osaka on Friday night before

Dirty Works Label Party 2008/05/16

May. 14, 2008 by

Rennie Foster will be hosting another installment of the dirty works label parties on the 16 of May at Rockwest in Shibuya and the night will see the first ever live set by Bob Rogue, which has got us all

Oracle 2008/04/19

Apr. 11, 2008 by

On Saturday April 19th I will be joining Oracle for a session at the extremely funky venue Mame Sora in Daikanyama. The name means Beans Man and if a Jazz live house and a Kyoto tea garden had a love

Taicoclub Aril Brikha 2008/04/25

Apr. 11, 2008 by

Once again Taicoclub brings out a leading artist in the techno and electronica world and I am thrilled to be involved. I will be doing a live set in support of Aril Brikha at Womb on the 25th of April

Just Do It! 2008/05/04

Just Do It! 2008/05/04

Apr. 11, 2008 by

I am so excited to be doing another show with the Just Do It Crew. What a pleasure to play on the best underground sound system in Tokyo with the best underground techno crew in Tokyo in a very small

Taicoclub/Dominik Eulberg 2008/02/22

Feb. 17, 2008 by

Taicoclub are hosting Dominik Eulberg at Womb on Friday the 22nd of November and they have asked me to do a live set in support of his appearance. This will be a great opportunity to see one of Techno’s current

Mado Lounge – Inflight 2007/11/17

Nov. 16, 2007 by

Guy Perryman is throwing a follow up to his hugely successful Take Off party earlier this year so we are Inflight Saturday the 17th of November at the Mado Lounge. 52nd Floor of Roppongi Hills, floor to ceiling windows, a

Taicoclub/Nathan Fake 2007/11/22

Nov. 16, 2007 by

Nathan Fake is heading into Tokyo November 22nd to play at Womb. Supporting him are myself (live) and the stellar Aoki Takamasa. The next day is a public holiday so no excuses. What: Taicoclub When: 2007/11/22 Where: Womb How: Door

Listen Silent 2007/09/29

Sep. 27, 2007 by

My next show, Saturday the 29th of September, is listensilent at the haremesque, subterranean venue Bullets in Nishiazabu. Come on down, kick off your shoes and lay around on the futons and mattresses lining the walls or get up and

Ignite 2007/09/22

Sep. 17, 2007 by

Ignite is a regular Techno party held at Club Module in Shibuya. Over the last few years they have built up a strong following and gained a lot of respect in the techno scene here in Toky-to and I am

Rennie Foster's CD Release Party The War of Art 2007/09/07

Sep. 7, 2007 by

What: Rennie Foster CD Release Party When: 2007/09/07 How: not sure yet probably around 2000 yen Where: Rockwest Who: Shane Berry Live, So kobayashi live, Rennie Foster, Bob Rogue, Takaya, Hiroki Oishi.

Rennie Foster’s CD Release Party The War of Art 2007/09/07

Rennie Foster’s CD Release Party The War of Art 2007/09/07

Sep. 7, 2007 by

Hello peoples of Planet Tokyo. Come help us celebrate the release of “The War of Art” the new CD album by Rennie Foster. THE RECEPTION starts this Friday Sept 7th at Rockwest in Shibuya. (across from Tokyu Hands)at 9 pm.

A few Gigs in September

A few Gigs in September

Aug. 24, 2007 by

I will be playing at Rockwest on the 7th of September, at Club Module on the 22nd of September and at Bullets on the 29th of September. More details to follow.

Hello Kyoto, Club Metro 2007/08/13

Hello Kyoto, Club Metro 2007/08/13

Aug. 10, 2007 by

I will be heading down to Kyoto on Monday evening the 13th of August to play a live set at Metro with D1 Recordings artist Baiyon. It will be my first time to do a show in Kyoto so I

Descanso, Club Metro 2007/08/13

Aug. 10, 2007 by

What: Descanso When: 2007/08/13 How: ¥1300 adv or ¥1800 door *includes 1 drink Where: Metro Who: Shane Berry, DJ Baiyon, Psysex, and Dj A.I.

Ageha Groundbeat 2007/05/11

May. 11, 2007 by

Water Bar. Early Spring. Largest club in Tokyo. Can`t wait. What: Groundbeat When: 2007/05/11 How: ¥4000 Where: Ageha Water Bar Who: Shane Berry, DJ Bosh, Ree K (Main Floor: SUB6 and Logic Bomb)

Dirty Works Release Party 2007/05/04

Apr. 27, 2007 by

Rennie Foster’s Dirty Works label is already garnering big respect in the new digital terrain and is featured on many a DJ’s charts. Friday May 4th sees the official launch of the label and also ties in with my first

To Chichibu and Beyond

Apr. 27, 2007 by

[Seibu-shinjuku ->Chichibu 910yen] seibu-shinjuku â–³10:23 (shinjukusen-kyuko) ↓ Tokorozawa (ikebukurosen-hannou-iki) â–³11:06 ↓ Hanno â–³11:34発 (seibu-chichibu-line) ↓ Seibuchichibu ↓ walk 6 min ↓ Ohanabatake â–³12:44 (Chichibu-tetudo) ↓ Chichibu —————– [Chichibu-station ->Asami camp site by bus 510yen] Chichibu â–³13:20 ↓ Urayama-dainichidou  ↓ walk

MInimal Tokyp 2007/04/13

MInimal Tokyp 2007/04/13

Apr. 11, 2007 by

Head on over to Soft on Friday the 13th for a wicked minimal fest featuring DJ Mayuri, Mieko, yours truly, the MT crew and special guest Limacon. What: Minimal Tokyo Farewell to Limacon When: 2007/04/13 Where: Soft How: ¥1500 or

Outdoor event Just Do It! 2007/04/ 28-30

Outdoor event Just Do It! 2007/04/ 28-30

Apr. 11, 2007 by

The gig in chichibu is on. DJ Wada, Moodman, Shane berry and the just do it crew will rock the mountains in Chichibu in what might possibly be the first outdoor techno event of the year. Oh my me am

(unspecified) 2007/03/17

(unspecified) 2007/03/17

Mar. 9, 2007 by

What: Unspecified When: 2007/03/17 Where: Bronze (In roppongi – no website I can find.) How: Â¥2000 w/1d Who: T-Rek Shane Berry Live, Tech Booty Funk, Dave Twomey and more

Yuk 2007/03/15

Mar. 9, 2007 by

What: Yuk When: 2007/03/15 Where: Womb How: ¥2500 Who: Falko (Substatic), Shane Berry Live, Dave Twomey and more

Expansion 2007/03/16

Feb. 20, 2007 by

What: Defrost When: 2007.3.16 Friday 22:00 ~ (first train or beyond!) Where: No-Style How: 1500yen/ 1 Drink Who: Guest Live: Shane Berry, Guest DJ Guy Perryman plus residents.

Miniscule Presents Variance 2007/02/10

Feb. 10, 2007 by

As part of my incremental plans for world domination I will be doing a Live set at the second installment of “Variance” at Figure Complex on Saturday the !0th of February. The debut in January was a great success and

Take Off 2006/01/20

Jan. 17, 2007 by

What: Take Off When: 2007/01/20 Where: Mado Lounge How: Apparently it is free but one has to pay for the elevator to the 52nd floor. ¥1500 Who: Guest Live:Shane Berry(Trapez LTD) Dave Twomey(MYM/YUK),

Microsurf 2006/12/28

Dec. 12, 2006 by

What: microsurf When: 2006/12/28 Where: Air How: 3000(w/1D), w/flyer\2,500(+1D) Who:guest Live:Shane Berry(Trapez LTD) YASU (organza), (DEXTER),TARO SUGAWARA (organza) 、HideyukiOzaki(NEST)

Listen/Silent 2006/12/23

Dec. 4, 2006 by

What: [listen/silent 1st Anniversary!!!!!] info When: 2006/12/23 Where: Bullets How: 2,500(w/1D), w/flyer\1,500(+1D order) Who:guest Live:Shane Berry(Trapez LTD)guest dj:Nishikido Hidekazu(Our Hotel)live:hideaki kinoshita dj:shigoto, yutachang, so-ji

Sudan Charity Fundraiser 2006/12/08

Dec. 3, 2006 by

What: aka Dave Twomey’s birthday When: 2006/12/08 00:00-10:00 Where: Mixrooffice,Shibuya How: 2000/1500yen all profit to charity… DJ’s all giving up their fees to support this one off event. Who: Robert Palmer (Spice!) 12-1am Shane Berry (Trapez ltd) 1-2am Funky Gong

It’s on! Just Do It!  (part 2) 2006/11/25-26

It’s on! Just Do It! (part 2) 2006/11/25-26

Nov. 14, 2006 by

The outdoor party “Just Do It!” in Chichiubu is on! What: Just Do It! (Part 2) When: 2006/11/25-26 Where: Chichibu Asami Camp site for information How: Â¥2500 Who: Shane Berry Live, Andy, Serigano, Wub, Sports Koide Abe Shuhei and more

It's on! Just Do It!  (part 2) 2006/11/25-26

It's on! Just Do It! (part 2) 2006/11/25-26

Nov. 14, 2006 by

What: Just Do It! (Part 2) When: 2006/11/25-26 Where: Chichibu Asami Camp site for information How: ¥2500 Who: Shane Berry Live, Andy, Serigano, Wub, Sports Koide Abe Shuhei and more

Cross Mountain Nights 2006/11/10

Oct. 20, 2006 by

What: Cross Mountain Nights When: 2006/11/10 Where: Womb How: ¥3500 Who: Shane Berry Live, Dr Shingo, Torsten Feld and Luke Le Mans.

Ignite 2006/10/27

Oct. 12, 2006 by

What: Ignite When: 2006/10/27 Where: Club Module How: ¥3000 Who: Shane Berry Live (Trapez LTD/ Synewave), Dave Twomey (Samurai FM/Konzept Maus),and Kazu.

Minimal Tokyo 2006/10/28

Oct. 12, 2006 by

What: Minimal Tokyo When: 2006/10/28 Where: Soft How: ¥1500/¥1000 with flyer Who: Shane Berry Live (Trapez LTD/ Synewave) Noa Tokui (progressive form) and resident DJs.

Yuk vs Konzept Maus 2006/10/19

Oct. 11, 2006 by

What: Yuk vs Maus Konzept When: 2006/10/19 Where: Womb How: ¥2000 Who: Toby (wire/mixrooffice), Mayuri (re-boot/Metamorphose), Dave Twomey (Samurai FM/Konzept Maus),Shane Berry Live (Trapez LTD/ Synewave)

Live at Rockwest Friday 2006/08/18

Aug. 11, 2006 by

I will play a live set at Rockwest on Friday the 18th of August at the official F…U!FCOM party. DJs Rennie Foster and Chizawa Q (F…U!FCOM) will be on the decks with support from Ryoh Mitomi, DJ Pige and Cue

Live at Yellow 2006/08/10 (Thursday)

Jul. 30, 2006 by

What: YUK! When: 2006/08/10 Where: Space Lab Yellow How: ¥2000 Who: Q-Hey, Shane Berry Live, Dave Twomey and Shotaro Maeda.

Live at Yellow  2006/08/10 (Thursday)

Live at Yellow 2006/08/10 (Thursday)

Jul. 30, 2006 by

I will play a live set at Space Lab Yellow on Thursday the 10th of August. This, the sixth installment of YUK!, features guest DJ Q-Hey of Moonage Recordings and legendary club night “Reboot” at Maniac Love fame. DJ`s Dave

Live at Gamuso 2006/06/10 (Saturday)

May. 29, 2006 by

Just do it! I can`t wait for this gig with one of my favourite Techno DJ`s in the world. Special Guest: DJ WADA (Co-Fusion) Live: Shane Berry DJs Minoda (slow motion) Motsu Kavto sports-koide (slow motion) Sound System by Monstrocity

Live at Space Lab Yellow 2006/06/08 (Thursday)

May. 26, 2006 by

On Thursday 2006/06/08 I will be doing a live set at Space Lab Yellow in Nishiazabu for volume 5 of YUK. Yellow is regarded by many, myself included, to house one of the best PA systems in Japan. I am

Konzept Maus at Club Unit 2006/05/19 (Friday)

May. 15, 2006 by

I`ll be doing a live set that starts around 2 am or there abouts.