Exclusive, Shane Berry Live Online at 21:00 Japan Time.

As part of promotion for the upcoming Summer Sounds Volume 2 I will be performing an exclusive live set via the Internet from Sangenchaya TV on Thursday evening the 19th of August at 21:00 Japan Time. (12:00 GMT).

I am very excited as this will be my first foray into streaming live on the web.

What I have decided to do is play one set over the two occasions – starting out deep and minimal online and then finishing the set large and dirty at the party on Sunday the 22nd of August at Laputa Garden, Aoyama.

The two sets should seamlessly blend into each other when laid back to back.

Well that’s the theory anyway.

I have a ton of new tracks I have been working on, super simple and hypnotic and I’m also thinking of adding a drum machine to the mix but I’m undecided on that front.

Joining me online will be DJs Ryo Tsutsui and Satoshi Otsuki.


Watch The Stream Here (21:00 JPT)
Sangenchaya TV

Ryo Tsutsui (Eden/WeekendWarriorz)
Satoshi Otsuki (Tresvibes)

Summer Sounds Vol Two
Laputa Garden