Sound Art Collaboration with Gregoire Poitevin

The blank canvas is both a literal and figurative starting point of creation in any medium.

Some stand before it with a clear vision in their minds ready for it to be actualized in an external place with clarity and purpose, while others move first to fill the space with something, anything and flesh out ideas from the “accidents” that occur.

The latter creative approach is not so much about what to create but rather choosing what remains once creation has begun. The pursuit then is not of beauty in the traditional sense but of expression via process itself, the struggle with choice; a test of taste and style.

It’s a binary, sifting process of addition and subtraction, a delicate dance; controlling chaos.

It takes incredible strength and fortitude to choose when this dance with chaos is complete though – in that moment the work is framed and named and from then on the author no longer writes the story.

Released and exhibited to other ears, eyes, lives and minds whatever the creator originally wanted to say (if anything at all) becomes only the first of many narratives and not the only.

I will be exploring this idea of creation via process and selection in collaboration with the Gregoire Poitevin who paints in very much the same way that I create music; fleshing out ideas through gestures and “accidents”, shaping them towards a conclusion and then giving the finished works unrelated titles.

Using random noise generators, efx and controllers I will improvise the sonic backdrop for his exhibition’s cocktail party and reception in an attempt to reflect and enhance his artwork through a sonic equivalent of his methodology.

The exhibition runs from June 13th to June 19th at the Kissa Sakaiki Hidden Cafe in Yotsuya San Chome.

It’s a fantastic and authentic space hosting various performances and shows with a sharp focus on culture.

There will be a cocktail party on Friday the 17th and Saturday the 18th from 19:00 – 23:30 with sound generated by me and music courtesy of Jean Touquet.

On Sunday from 15:00 – 17:00 there will be a talk and discussion about Gregoire’s art and artworks and I may talk briefly about the sound piece I will be improvising during the exhibition.


Kissa Sakaiki (Schedule)

Kissa Sakaiki (Map and Directions)

Gregoire Poitevin (Website)