Rare Opportunity To See Shane Berry Live Before Midnight Saturday

For all you old codgers and day trawlers out there who constantly complain that my live performances are always on too late and use the fact as an excuse to never make it out to my shows, pick up your ear horns, lean in and listen close.

On Saturday the 31st of July I will be playing at Soup in Ochiai/Shinjuku at the dashingly reasonable time of  21:30. More than enough time to come down, throw a few beers in your face holes and then still have an evening of crocheting and basket weaving at your leisurely disposal afterwards.

Seriously though Soup seems to be held in very high regards by the underground electronic music scene here in Tokyo and I must admit to having heard of it only a few days before I was booked to play.

From what I can gather it is more an art/music space than a night club and people who know it speak of it in reverant tones. From the video linked below it looks and sounds awesome and I am very excited to play there.

I’m also very interested in the visuals and sounds of Itaru Yasuda who will do a short live set before I start and then he’ll  continue to do visuals during my show.

The event is called:

都市の引力 Toshi-no Inryoku

“The gravity of the city”

7/31(Sat) 18:00-23:00 @SOUP (Ochiai)

¥1500 w/d

Time Table:

18:00 Takahashi
19:50 KeLie
21:10 Itaru Yasuda
21:30 Shane Berry
23:00 end

VJ: Itaru


The Atmosphere in Soup (Video Featuring Rom=Pari)
Itaru Yasuda