Posted by on 03/12/2006

What: aka Dave Twomey’s birthday
When: 2006/12/08 00:00-10:00
Where: Mixrooffice,Shibuya
How: 2000/1500yen all profit to charity… DJ’s all giving up their fees to support this one off event.
Robert Palmer (Spice!) 12-1am
Shane Berry (Trapez ltd) 1-2am
Funky Gong (Joujouka) 2-3am
Dave Twomey ( 3-5am
Toby (Wire) 5-6am
Shotaro Maeda (Eden) 6-7am
DJ Sodeyama (In:Flame) 7-8am
Laurent Novatin (Redbox) 8-9am
? 9-10am

Total mym charity contributions: more than 200,000yen over 3 years

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