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I am thrilled to join Grain Records on a mini tour down to Oasaka and Fukui on the weekend of the 11th and 12th of July.

First we will do a show at Vano in Osaka on Friday night before heading down to Fukui to play at Casa on the Saturday.

I will be touring with Grain records’ co-founder and DJ John Connell and Grain artists and producer extraordinaire Yasuhara Motomiya.

Mr connell is renowned in Tokyo for his innovative and forward thinking DJ sets. His impeccable musical aesthetic coupled with solid mixing skills and an inborn sense of movement and atmosphere sets the scene for more than just a bunch of hit records beat matched one after the other.

Motomiya-san is an emerging techno force on the Japanese scene and is deserved of the attention. His intricate productions yield a pallete of sound scapes, beats and melodies that are interwoven into a strange kind of madness that slowly captivates and then subtly destroys all known perceptions of techno.

Rock and Roll.

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