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As part of my incremental plans for world domination I will be doing a Live set at the second installment of “Variance” at Figure Complex on Saturday the !0th of February.

The debut in January was a great success and everyone had a smashing time – hard not to in a place that looks like a James Bond movie set gate crashing a Star Trek convention on
the Discovery spaceship from 2001.

The party features some of the best in local underground Tokyo Techno Talents and the location is central, eyecatching and futuristic; a perfect space for some minimal madness and deep techno beats.

What: Variance
When: 2007/02/10
Where: Figure Complex
How: ¥2000/1 drink (discount ¥1000. no drink)
Who: Guest Live:Shane Berry (Trapez LTD) DJ: Tatsuya Yoneda (minimaltokyo), Bob Rogue (miniscule/textone)

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