Sounds of Belgrade – 003 – Float

Sounds of Belgrade is a two hour radio show showcasing the talents of DJs and producers living and working in Belgrade. During the first half hour of the show I ask our guest a few questions about their music and inspirations and we listen to some of their original productions or music that inspires them. After that we get into an exclusive 90 minute guest DJ Mix.

Our Guest for this episode is Producer and Live act Float and he dropped by the studio here in downtown Belgrade where we talked about his his music and background.

Interview Tracklist
001 Sundance – Float
002 Opushteno – Float
003 Ersatz – Float
004 Evaporation – Float

Exclusive DJ Mix Playlist
0001 Martin Nonstatic – Third Chord 2
002 Rob. Bardini – The Sand’s Way
003 Zero In Something – Nattie Feat. Jaymon & Ras Ric
004 Decoside – Reload 3
005 Function – Obsessed
006 Delta Funktionen – Silhouette (Marcel Dettmann remix)
007 Phase I – Deep Motion
008 Low Orbit Satellite – Synchrotation
009 Insect O. – Birds Over Hong Kong
010 P.Laoss – Feel Adrift
011 Skudge – Surplus
012 Bleak – Excess
013 Cyan341 – Disconnected (See the Road mix)
014 Raiz & Truncate – Rhythm
015 Raiz – Valk
016 Luis Junior – Athens (Epomeni Stasi rmx)
017 Solee – Platinum (Gabriel Ananda rmx)

More from Float

Full Profile

Float is electronic music project created by Vladimir Mihajlovic. Purely from his passion for music and sounds in all forms, he started creating his own sounds and beats. At the time (around 2004) he discovered dynamic and vibrant psychedelic trance scene which captivated him and provided a source of inspiration and ideas for experiments with sound. As years went by he developed his production skills and started working harder on further upgrading when he started Float project, but also started moving into slower progressive house and techno realms. At this time Float’s music is a melting pot of influences and follows the idea of artistic freedom of expression. Deep basslines, abstract effects, spacey pads, chilling dubby chords and unique percussive sequences are the elements which make his signature sound. The emphasis is always on atmospheres which enrich his music with beautiful deep emotions, which makes it perfect both for dancefloor and afterhours chilling out.