Sounds of Belgrade – 002 – Vid Marjanovic

Sounds of Belgrade is a two hour radio show showcasing the talents of DJs and producers living and working in Belgrade. During the first half hour of the show I ask our guest a few questions about their music and inspirations and we listen to some of their original productions or music that inspires them. After that we get into an exclusive 90 minute guest DJ Mix.

Our Guest for this episode is Producer and DJ Vid Marjanovic and he dropped by the studio here in downtown Belgrade where we talked about his productions and projects and some of the issues facing modern music makers. We talked about the pros and cons of Facebook and social media and also about some trouble he’s been having with Beatport.

Interview Playlist (Original Music)

001 Andy Mart – Musatschi (Vid Marjanovic & Simon Roge Remix) – Leap4rogmusic
002 Vid Marjanovic & Simon Roge – Infinity (Original Mix) – Dub Records Promo
003 Vid Marjanovic & Simon Roge – Idiocracy (Original Mix)
004 Simon Roge & Vid Marjanovic – Tony Montana – DSR Records
006 Vid Marjanovic – Rottweiler’s Dream – Mirabilis Records Promo
007 Vid Marjanovic & Simon Roge – Infinity (Ruzhynski Remix) – Dub Records Promo (Faded out at Break)

Exclusive DJ Mix Playlist
001 Maetrik – The Entity
002 Alex Dolby – My Pamphlet
003 Peter Bailey – Unique Form
004 Kernel Key – Unaware
005 Cari Lekebusch – Inambulatio
006 John Rundell – Knick Knack
007 Luigi Rocca & DJ Lion – Repeat Repeat
008 Mr.Bizz – Bamboo
009 Jay Lumen – Teach Us
010 Kernel Key – MoonJazzin’
011 Vid Marjanovic & Simon Roge – Infinity (Ruzhynski Remix)
012 Jay Lumen & Gary Beck – Strange Fruit
013 Kernel Key – Omnia Tempus Habent
014 DJ Lion & Luigi Rocca – Krakra Hurricane
015 Olivier Giacomotto – Leche De Tigre
016 Andy Mart – Musatschi (Vid Marjanovic & Simon Roge Remix)
017 Khainz – All Night Long
018 D-Nox & Beckers – Jacaranda
019 Kiko – Virgo

More from Vid Marjanovic

Full Profile.

Vid Marjanovic (1989) is a DJ and producer from Belgrade, Serbia.

In his DJ sets you can hear many different kind of styles, it is a smooth mixture of Techno, House, Minimal, Tech-House, Deep House, Dub-Techno, Psychedelic, BreakBeat, Nu Electro Swing & Jazz sounds.

His music path as an artist started at the end of year 2009, and it was influenced by names like: Kraftwerk, Jean Michelle Jarre, Moby, Ott, The Chemical Brothers, The Prodigy, Parov Stelar, The Crystal Method, Laurent Garnier, Trentemoller, Extrawelt, Juno Reactor, Hallucinogen, Younger Brother, etc.

So far, Vid has released his music for different major labels such as: I Am Techno (label by Spartaque), Sabotage rec. (label by Christian Cambas), Italo Business rec. (label by Piatto, Dandi & Ugo), Neurotraxx (label by Sisko Electrofanatik), Freshin (label by Da Fresh), Butane rec. (label by Matt Minimal), Miniaturesrec (Phunk Investigation label) etc.

During next period more releases is confirmed for labels like: Mirabilis (Alex & Filip label), Strict recordings (label by Louie Cut), etc.

His tracks were played, charted and also received positive feedbacks from many great artists such as: Christian Cambas, Piatto, Mark Knight, Umek, Khainz, Perfect Stranger, Sisko Electrofanatik, Dennis The Menace, Axel Karakasis, Marco Bailey, Spartaque, Da Fresh, Mark Denken, Snello, Alex & Filip, AnGy KoRe, Alen Milivojevic, Dualitik, A.K.O., Dandi & Ugo, Louie Cut, Duca, Worda, Matt Minimal, Phunk Investigation, Ton Def, Lea Dobricic, etc.

Vid so far shared decks with great artists like: Perfect Stranger, Reaky, Andromeda, Chromosome, Allaby, Shane Berry, Vladimir Acic, Lea Dobricic, Pion, Float, Fletric, Rub A Dub, Christian Rutz, Volt & Vintage, etc.

He was remixed by artists like: Angy Kore, Alen Milivojevic, Afonso Maia, Ruzhynski, Volt & Vintage, Lea Dobricic, Mancha, Float, etc.

He worked on remix for artists like: Matt Minimal, Maverickz, Andy Mart, Josh Bartoli, Bismark, DJ Jock, Bagagee Viphex13, Volt & Vintage, etc.

Vid performed at almost all important clubs in Serbia, we will name the few: XlagooM (Belgrade), Compressor (Novi Sad), KC Grad (Belgrade), Mamolo (Belgrade), Namaste (Beograd), Studio 69 (Belgrade), Amnesia (Novi Sad), Batler (Beograd), Vavilon (Nis), Contra Club (Uzice), etc.

He also performed at the EXIT festival 2011, one of the biggest music festivals in south-eastern Europe.

In 2012, Vid had his first international performances at Denmark (KB18, Copenhagen), Slovenia (Neboticnik Skyscraper, Ljubljana), and there are also upcoming parties at Germany, Bulgaria, etc.

Currently he is working hard in his studio at Belgrade on his new tracks, remixes, full length debut album, etc.

DISCOGRAPHY (tracks appears on):

Eugenism EP || Ektoplazm || 10.08.2010

Devastation LP || Italo Business records || 08.10.2010

Balkan EP Vol.2 || Free Spirit records || 21.01.2011

Compiler VA || Debuger records || 01.04.2011

Glamour EP || Sisma records || 10.04.2011

Generation Next Techno VA || Freshportmusic records || 20.06.2011

Traxx For Fighters vol.2 VA || Neurotraxx recordings || 20.06.2011

Trilogy Vol.2 EP || Ikanos records || 19.07.2011

Panda Power #1 VA || Sex Panda Toys records || 22.07.2011

Traxx For Fighters Vol.3 VA || Neurotraxx recordings || 15.08.2011

Let Us Explain EP || Sabotage records || 03.10.2011

8 Bit Wedding EP || Italo Business records || 08.10.2011

Be Different EP / Cutoff recordings / 20.10.2011

Killer EP / Ikanos records / 24.10.2011

Rush EP / Neurotraxx recordings / 12.12.2011

R U Fresh vol.1 VA / Freshin records / 12.12.2011

Neu3no EP / Miniatures records / 21.12.2011

XMas VA / Free Spirit records / 24.12.2011

Kinetic EP / Dub records / 26.12.2011

Idiocracy SINGLE / Butane records / 09.01.2012

Cuba Libre EP / Strict recordings / 06.02.2012

Rio Delle Amazzoni VA / Natura Viva / 27.02.2012

Supreme Trax Vol.1 VA / IAMT / 05.03.2012

Doing Drugs EP / Dub records / 05.03.2012

A Bunch Of Techno Guys VA / Miniaturesrec / 21.03.2012

Mezomo Remix EP / Mystika records / 29.03.2012

Locked Groove EP / Butane records / 30.04.2012

Ohsondoson EP / Perfection records / 30.04.2012

Ikanos Children Vol.1 VA / Ikanos records / 30.04.2012

Piece Of Cake EP / Nuuktal records / 14.05.2012

Losing My Religion EP / Mandarine Music / 21.05.2012

Tony Montana EP / Drugstore records / 18.06.2012

Distorted Mind EP / Ikanos records / 30.07.2012

Kinky Business EP / Sex Panda Toys / 02.08.2012

A Bunch Of Techno Guys VA / Absolutely records / 20.08.2012

Intersound EP Vol.3 / Intertech records / 03.09.2012

Musatschi EP / Leap4rog Music / 03.09.2012

Best of Drugstore Summer 2012 VA / Drugstore Records / 01.10.2012