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Originally released on the now defunct Dirty Works imprint Tokyo 320 is re-released via bandcamp as a standalone single.


About The Original EP

The original EP featured three tracks.

“Tokyo 320” was born out of an online experiment and tie in with Tokyo based design agency, Information Architects (iA).

“Tokyo 320 Part 1 (iA version)” is a commissioned track that accompanies the campaign and video for the launch and sale of the Web Trends Map 2009.

The experiment was to use the commissioned work as a soundtrack for the map and then offer the music as a “Pay What You Want” download ala Radiohead style. The conclusion to the “Pay What You Want” model, as many before have discovered, is “Not much” but I am happy to say that the track itself was widely and well received and Rennie Foster and I decided the two tracks that I ended making, with a strong remix to round them off, would work well as an EP on Dirty Works .

I actually made “Tokyo 320 Part 2” first but Oliver Reichenstein at iA wanted something dirtier and darker so I came up with the “iA version” after running the original through a beat grinder and then throwing it repeatedly against a digital wall until something stuck and more closely resembled what Oliver had in mind for the Web Trend Map.

The Web Trend Map plots the Internet’s leading names and domains onto the Tokyo Metro map so “Tokyo 320” is sonically themed around trains and train travel.

The central exploration of the track is the idea that sometimes on a long journey it feels like you are moving even when you are not and sometimes it feels like you have stopped even when you haven’t.

I think this illusion is fascinating and lends itself well to the nature of the map.

I also wanted to play with the notion that, due to human inventiveness in transport, we can travel enormous distances while remaining seated in one place and if that is not similar to the nature of the Internet then I am doing it wrong.

The Remix

The remix is by the incredibly talented artist James Clar who directed and produced the unofficial video for my remix of 3Channel’s track Kinda’ Hectic on Trapez.

Mr Clar brings a whole heap of crazy to the mix and never lets the ears rest from start to finish. I love it. Anyone who has headed out on the Tokyo metro will get where James’ mix is coming from, sudden switches, multiples layers, dark tunnels, strobing neon lights and a sublime reworking of the key break that blows my mind every time.

The Mastering

The EP was mastered by the uber talented Matt Densham (the man behind Swayzak) over at Greta Cottage Workshop. Many thanks to you sir!


James Clar:

James Clar
Kinda Hectic Unofficial James Clar Video
Kinda Hectic Remixes


Web Trend Map Promo Video
Oliver Reichentstein

Greta Cottage Workshop:

Greta Cottage Workshop


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