Local Legends – Nara Marathon (Part 2) | ASICS

I scored and arranged the music for a two part Asics campaign featuring Yoshino, Nara, 6th Generation Washi Master Craftsman.

Project: Asics – Local Legends- Nara Marathon (Part 2)

Role: Music Score, Arrangement, Recording and Production.

Synopsis:  A light BGM picking up on musical motifs, established in Part One, again hints at optimism and hope and drops into to a beating taiko rhythm as Nara marathon participants race by. We follow Yoshino,nara prgress in the marathon and the piece swells to an uplifting and positive finale.

Music: The music was scored and arranged during filming and editing after I was given a brief and storyboard, and a clear sound reference.

The client wanted a Japanese theme without obvious cliche, warm, thoughtful, pensive, but uplifting and inspirational.

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