Posted by on 15/04/2016

I scored, recorded and arranged the music for a video by Head Japan Tennis.

Project: Head Japan Tennis – HEAD GRAPHENE XT RADICAL SAKURA campaign

Role: Music Score, Arrangement, Recording and Production.

Synopsis: A 01:30 video showcasing Head Japan Tennis racquet technology and featuring Japanese tennis star Misa Eguchi.

Music:  A light electro-rock BGM working on musical motifs suggested by the client. The original idea called for a rock guitar intro with drums, working towards an “EDM/Trance” part for energy.

I decide to go with an acoustic guitar instead, softer and less aggressive, but still edgy and fresh – better suited to the “kawaii” aspects of the video and reminiscent of Cherry Blossom viewing parties in spring. The EDM angle was dropped after the client felt it was too intense and ill suited too the softer tones of the shoot.

Once the techno/dance aspect was dropped, I kept it simple and straight forward by maintaining the energy and spirit of the first few drafts and replacing the dance drums with rock themed electronic drums, and guitar like synth melodies. In this way we reached a good balance of acoustic and electronic, human and technology, embodying the Head Tennis brand.


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