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Melancholic drone – TRAILER from Igor Simic on Vimeo.

Continuing my collaboration with award winning film maker Igor Simic. This is the trailer for our short film “Melancholic drone”. “Melancholic drone” won the First prize Discovery Award at LOOP Barcelona out of some 600 works from 70 countries in competition for the MACBA collection. The work was chosen by curators from MACBA in Barcelona, the EYE and Stedelijk museum in Amsterdam.

This is the third work in Simic’s award-winning Monologue trilogy, after “The Thinker in the Supermarket” (2013) and “Cost-Benefit-Love” (2014), which were shown internationally both in film festival and art contexts.


Melancholic drone (English)


Sound Design, Foley, Dialog edit and efx, mix and film sound mix..


During his last morning in Belgrade, a military drone reflects on his wasted life, while flying on autopilot to a couple having sex, a route his previous operator would take to spy on them.

Cast and crew:
Writer and director: Igor Simić
Director of photography and colorist: Nemanja Jovanov
Sound design, Mix and Dialog Edit: Shane Berry


I was responsible for all the ambient and simulated drone flight sounds, the final film sound mix including Foley and sound design.


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