Earthquake – Where Exactly is Central Tokyo in Relation to Miyagi?

“Central Tokyo” is generally considered to be the area inside and immediately surrounding the Yamanote train line which makes a 34.5 km loop inside Tokyo. It connects all the main transport hubs in Tokyo with one another and it’s identifying color on trains maps is Green.

View Yamanote Line in a larger map

Most people who commute into Tokyo to work live outside of the Yamanote loop. A delay on the Yamanote line can send a ripple effect of delays far beyond its circumference for commuters.

The Yamanote line runs above ground so it is an actual physical barrier to cross.

Here is a graphic representation that is easier to grasp.

The main business districts lie along the right side of the loop (East) from Shinagawa to Ueno and also along the Chuo/Sobu lines which intersect the Yamanote loop from East to West (Red and Yellow Lines). The main shopping and entertainment districts lie mostly along the left side of the loop (West) from Ebisu up to Ikebukuro but it’s a sliding scale and everything overlaps and merges at the edges.

Now we zoom out to a map of Japan.

View Tokyo in Relation to Earthquake Area in a larger map

– The Pink marker is Greater Tokyo.
– The Green Markers are where the Nuclear Reactors currently making news are located.
– The Blue Markers are the two main prefectures affected by the Earthquake and Tsunami, Miyagi and Fukushima.
– The Red Marker is Sendai City.

The Flight distance to Sendai from Tokyo is 303km.