Earthquake – Daytime Power Conservation Efforts in Tokyo March 14th.

I went for a ride yesterday to see how Tokyo is doing three days after megaquake and took some photos.

The first pictures are of the area west of Shinjuku Station. The large electronics retail chain “Yodabashi Camera” has several high rise building located here which were open for business. The sign in the picture usually flashes red and blue with bright, seizure inducing strobe lights but today it is turned off. The other retailers in the area, equally stroboscopic on a normal day, were also switched off.

No lights but plenty of cameras and action

Yodabashi Shinjuku West Exit with all exterior lights switched off.

This is a picture of the South Exit of Shinjuku Station – Shinjuku is one of the busiest train stations in the world. On the average day about 4 Million people travel through it but today, with power shortages and sporadic train schedules, it’s a little quieter than usual but in Tokyo that still means busy.

Shinjuku Station South Exit

Down in Harajuku some retailers were closed,

Closed for how long?

and others were open for business as usual.

Just in case you need a high end watch at the last minute.

Here is the famous Laforet Shopping Department in Harajuku closed for the day.

Sorry no Lolita/Maid/Goth dress for you today.

Temporaly closure for today - we have decided to close Laforet Hrajuku today due to the confusion of traffic. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Most major intersections in a shopping district in Tokyo have at least one large screen blasting adverts all hours of the day, today they are all black.

Black screen of energy conservation, Harajuku.

Even the famous Shibuya Crossing was dark.

Shibuya Crossing switches off famous multistory screens to conserve energy.

As was the Bic Camera Screen on the other side of Shibuya station.

No flashing but still eye catching - Bic Camera in Shibuya with a black screen.

The total energy use today was 150.000 KW lower than usual for this time of year, a small change here and there makes a huge difference!