Where is Polytet?

A primer on the philosophy of Polytet.

Polytet is everywhere.

It’s hidden in plain sight, and out of the way. It’s right under your nose or above you on the side of a building. It’s in a fresh pile of dog shit catching the light just right, and a fire hydrant that looks like a robot from certain angles.

It’s in fleeting moments, streaking rain on a dry wall, fluctuating city side streets. It’s on stripped billboards, street art and rusting signs. Polytet is under you, and behind places and things that might otherwise be overlooked; places and things reviled and discarded, or simply lost and mourned. It’s in the thousandth time you’ve passed a door on your way to work and a confluence of angles and reflections, and architecture, and human collaborations, and cosmic forces, focus a single ray of light, a slash of color, towards you in such a way that you are compelled to stop and admire the moment, capture it before it collapses back into obscurity.

Polytet is in a mirror smashed on the sidewalk, a burned out kebab cafe, in reflections on evaporating puddles.

Polytet is in consciousness and purpose, ever striving towards perfect composition. It is mindfulness, careful deliberation and restraint, because although Polytet is everywhere, it is not always, and sometimes, somethings are best left as moments unto themselves.

Most importantly Polytet is in the wake of people’s interaction with the world around us. It’s in deliberate vandalism and accidental spills, and deliberate spills and accidental vandalism.

Polytet is anywhere the eye can see.

Polytet is in your pocket and your mind’s eye, it’s technological and mobile, anywhere anytime. It’s in the gap between perception and technology.

Everything becomes fodder for inspection and consideration, and slowly things within things, spaces within places, begin to reveal themselves and congregate for the sensor, if it is sensitive and willing.

It’s in the celebration of technology facilitating creativity.

Polytet is in introspection and daydreams, and shadows dappled with light.  It’s lost moments too quick for action to take any. It is in sacrifice and discomfort, rain, wind, and snow. It’s in numb fingers and frosty lenses clouding with exertion, and frames slipping from sweaty hands. It’s in funny moments, and odd juxtapositions that warrant documentation.

Polytet is in the construction and preservation of memory as captured forms deconstructed. It’s in framing and re-contextualizing, choosing and re-defining, re-composing within existing compositions, fractal, zooming, focusing, macro-cosmic.

Mostly though, Polytet is a tumblr blog at polytet.tumblr.com and the journey actually started in my photostream at flickr.com/shaneberry, until I ran out of space and switched services.