Trial & Error – EP – Shane Berry

Greta Trial and Error

Trial & Error

1) Trial & Error
2) For the time being
3) Whenever it happens

Release date:

Greta Cottage Workshop





Shane Berry brings it to the Cottage once more, in his own beautiful & highly danceable manner. He has provided GCW with the most output – again taking his productions in a slightly different direction, yet always with his trademark Big Room feel. Sasha had this well in advance, and it’s in his sets already. Standard. Thanks to the man like.Greta Cottage Workshop.Release Date: 1st July 2011

For The Time Being: Shane is rolling with the punches, Detroit Acid with stadium sized balls. A huge sense of spacial awareness carries itself along to a whimsical melody and playful entity. An embroilment construes & catalyses into a serious slice of quality vegan #ModProg gear.

Trial and Error: Rises from a familiar place we all recognize and cleverly morphs it’s shape entirely into a athletic new form. Once SB is done twisting your melon, a deliberation of pondering arises with almost reflective charm. Serious jam sandwich.

Whenever it Happens: Ready to future funk, with Saturns disco behaviour locked down onto a mean beatdown flavour. Severely massive and all engulfing, providing haunt with its jaunt . . . a true Techno Monster

Descriptions by the winklepicker


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