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Spine 2.0 – TEASER from Igor Simic on Vimeo.

Continuing my collaboration with award winning film maker Igor Simic. This is the teaser for our short film “Spine 2.0”.  It debuted at the Frankfurt B3 biennale in November 2017 to much critical acclaim, and also appeared in the german press reporting on the B3 festival of the moving image.

In 2020 it was shown at Museum Ulm, Germany as part of their Transhumanism from Prosthetics to Cyborg exhibition, along with a 1:1 scale 3D printed Spine and a faux information poster for the “product”.


Spine 2.0 (English)

My Role In The Project:

Working closely with Igor on both a technical and artistic level I advised him on various aspects of the soundtrack and conceptual purpose of the audio. I was then responsible for creating all the music, sound design, foley, dialogue edit and clean up, and the final film sound mix.


Spine 2.0 is a smart bionic implant for human augmentation. In the heart of the Silicone Valley, we at Custom Spines Lab build prosthetics for everyone. This is evolution by design. Feel spineless? Get a backbone. We already supply aspiring political leaders, entrepreneurs and the military with this groundbreaking invention for spinal agility, chakra alignment, connectivity and character uprightness with our signature morality-nano-fibers © .

For more visit For more visit

Cast and crew:

Writer and director: Igor Simić
Director of photography and colorist: Nemanja Jovanov
Sound design and music: Shane Berry
Visual effects and CGI: Nikola Stepković
Editor: Djordje Stanković
Voice: Paul Currion
Actors: Branislav Tomašević, Ana Dukovski, Petra Komadinić, Branislav Mihajlović
Sound recordist: Igor Bulović
Producer: Igor Simić
Executive producer: Nemanja Jovanov
Organizers: Maja Todorović, Jelena Vorkapić

Year: 2016 – present
Length: 2 min
Format: color; 16:9; sound; Screening: 2K DCP
Sculpture: Individual Spine 2.0 case is 110 x 35 x 40 cm
Installation: Showroom is scalable.


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