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Sounds of Belgrade is a two hour radio show showcasing the talents of DJs and producers living and working in Belgrade, Serbia.

What usually happens on the show is we get into an exclusive 90 minute DJ Mix provided by our guest and then for the last half hour we ask them a few questions about themselves, their music and their inspirations and along the way we listen to some of their original productions and/or music that inspires them. but for this show we are doing a round up of our first four guests on the Sounds of Belgrade and this time we are focusing entirely on their original productions so I’ve spent a few hours putting together four 30 minute back to back mini mixes of their original tracks in order to showcase the amazing talent here in Belgrade.

Sounds of Belgrade Special Edition Review 001 – 004 by Sounds Of Belgrade on Mixcloud

DJ Dovla aka Pion

001 – Pion – Room
002 – Sezer Uysal – Je Te Veux (Pion Remix)
003 – Ugur Soygur – Lets Deep Absolutely (Pion Remix)
004 – Pion – snowgirl.
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Vid Marjanovic

005 – Andy Mart – Musatschi (Vid Marjanovic & Simon Roge Remix) [Leap4rogmusic] 006 – Vid Marjanovic & Simon Roge – Infinity (Original Mix) – [Dub Records Promo] 007 – Simon Roge & Vid Marjanovic – Idiocracy
008 – Simon Roge & Vid Marjanovic – Tony Montana [DSR Records] 009 – Vid Marjanovic – Rottweiler’s Dream – [Mirabilis Promo]

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010 – Float – Sundance
011 – Float – Opushteno (Original Mix)
012 – Float – Ersatz
013 – Float – Morning Rain (Original Mix)
014 – Float – Evaporation

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Lea Dobricic

015 – Lea Dobricic – Voyager (Original Mix)
016 – Lea Dobricic – XTC Love (Original Mix)
017 – Lea Dobricic – Between – (original mix)
018 – Lea Dobricic & Mancha – Reachable (original mix)
019 – Vid Marjanovic & Simon Roge – Cuba Libre (Lea Dobricic remix)

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