Shane Berry DJ Set 004 (Studio Mix Series)

001 Emptyset – Avichi
002 Deadbeat – Leviathan
003 Maetrik – Caught Between
004 Frank Sonic and Mike Maass – Blizzard
005 Ida Engberg – Blue Yonder
006 Mark Broom – Verve (Original Mix)
007 Raz Ohara,- Kisses
008 Sam Paganini – Last Call
009 Sam Paganini – Phantom
010 Luca Bacchetti – El Barrio
011 Miro Pajic – Computer Face (Original Mix)
012 Adam Beyer & Alan Fitzpatrick – Tor (Original Mix)
013 Hobo – Iron Triangle
014 Marc Houle – Am Am Am

This is the fourth installment of the “Studio Mix Series” and features tracks from Maetrik, Hobo, Mark Broom, Miro Pajic and more. With this set I wanted to try a more dynamic arrangement based around four movements. It starts with a progressive and gritty opening, tracks by Emptyset, Deadbeat and Maetrik, with subtle tribal undertones, subdued melodies and vocals followed by an intense and hypnotic second movement with Ida Engberg’s minimal stylings and Mark Broom’s mind melting track, Verve. For the third movement I immediately juxtapose this with downtempo melodic beats by Raz Ohara leading from there into harder minimal beats courtesy of Sam Paganini. I then pull it back into a more organic realm with Luca Bachetti’s, El Barrio to set up the fourth movement. It wouldn’t be a Shane Berry DJ set without some wobbly synthesis somewhere in the mix and the the fourth movement plateaus in chemical minimalism with tracks by Miro Pajic, Hobo and Marc Houle. The fourth movement is interspersed and underpinned by the comparatively progressive grooves of Adam Beyer and Alan Fitzpatrick.

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