Radio Nostalgia from Mars (Golf Club: Wasteland Original Soundtrack)

Radio Nostalgia from Mars, a project by Igor Simić & Shane Berry, is the soundtrack for the video game Golf Club: Wasteland.

Radio Nostalgia from Mars (Golf Club: Wasteland Original Soundtrack)


  1. Take My Hand (feat. Ana Curcin) 05:14
  2. Caller Number One (Chaffy) 03:54
  3. Creatures of the World 05:33
  4. Caller Number Two (Yamilet) 04:01
  5. Two Astronauts (feat. Ana Curcin) 04:52
  6. Caller Number Three (Sofija) 03:04
  7. Life Flies By 04:09
  8. Caller Number Four (Mrva) 04:42
  9. Repetition 06:08
  10. Caller Number Five (Francesco) 05:00
  11. Distant Thunder 07:24
  12. Crowded in My Mind (feat. Sara Renar) 07:29




Demagog Studio


After an ecological catastrophe on Earth the ultra rich moved to Tesla City on Mars. In their free time, citizens of Mars fly back to Earth to play golf in the ruins. Guilt-ridden and nostalgic, the Mars mission pilot, did not fit in the new society on Mars. Through his connections at Golf Club: Wasteland, he travels back to revisit memories and places.

An atmospheric mobile game in post-apocalyptic urban landscapes with satirical references to contemporary culture, politics and textual storytelling. Original soundtrack EP Radio Nostalgia from Mars.

My Role In The Project:

Working closely with Igor and several music artists from around the world I have helped Igor to create a fictions album of nostalgic music from the late 2020’s that will be set in a radio programme called Radio Nostalgia from Mars.

Radio Nostalgia from Mars is a radio program for the ultra rich, who escaped Earth amid an ecological catastrophe, and now live in Tesla City on Mars. Nostalgic for their former home planet, they listen to music from the 2030s and share memories of their last years on Earth.

The Team:

RNFM duo: Igor Simić ( & Shane Berry (
Art direction: Nikola Stepković (