Posted by on 14/06/2017

My musical collaboration with PlayBrain. continues for both the spring and summer seasons of League of Legends Japan.


LLJ Spring and Summer Split in collaboration with PlayBrain.


Sound Design, SFX, and Music (Composition, Arrangement and production.)


Create intro music for “sizzle video at start of stream/game filled with energy, drama, excitement and impact, as teams face off for the LJL summer split challenge.

Create 11 pieces of music for background vibe and energy during breaks in game play.


I was responsible for all the pre-post audio, music and Sound SFX. Including the scoring, arrangement and production of 11 fully complete songs for atmospheric and emotional content during ban picks and as general background music.

Special Note:

Due to circumstances beyond my control a portion of the audio was streamed and uploaded in mono, so audio quality is less than ideal.


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