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Limlee – Summer Score from shane berry on Vimeo.

Project: Limlee – Summer Score (Asian Belle)

Client: Limlee – Hidetaka Lee Fukuzaki (Fashion)

Role: Music Score/Arrangement/Recording/Supervision


This is the second and final piece I scored for fashion artist Hidetaka Lee Fukuzaki when he was working under the name Limlee.

The sound brief was to start with a sophisticated and urban soundtrack complementing the theme “Asian Belle”, transition into an up tempo “Club Sound” and end on a relaxing and uplifting down tempo groove.

The music was scored to video with some sound design in the indoor building scene and the ending beach scene added in the process. The composition features three tempo changes and a blend of contemporary music styles, from electronica to Drum ‘n Bass.

This video was part of Limlee’s 2005 Spring/Summer campaign in NYC and was made available on a promotional DVD at his shows.

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