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A few months ago a dedicated click of techno teamsters running a party called “Just Do It” asked me to play a very small and intimate venue along with themselves and one of my all time techno heroes, DJ Wada. I could not refuse and the event, played out on a specially installed sound system designed by Monstrocity, was pure bliss. When a great DJ such as Wada is allowed to meander through the deeper fields of techno in a space no bigger than a western bedroom, on a speaker system easily capable of destroying a small asteroid, it is truly mind blowing.

That small party ranks now among one of the most memorable parties I have played and I thought it would be difficult to top but, true to form, The Just Do It crew, along with the Monstrocity sound system, did it again.

This past weekend I played at their first outdoor event simply called “Just Do It”. The venue was a campsite next to a river deep in the mountains of Saitama Prefecture and the Music, DJ’s, People, Food, Atmosphere and the Weather were just perfect. So perfect, in fact, that a near full moon decided to join us on the dance floor and stayed all night. It was magical, and everyone was grinning from ear to ear.

My heartfelt thanks to all involved, for all your passion and dedication and of course for supporting me and my music. I still can’t believe you guys carried a few hundred kilograms of gear (including a 90 kilo bass bin) over a rain swollen river across a rickety bridge even Indiana Jones would think twice about crossing.

Rock on.

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