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Here are two unofficial remixes of the track Into space by Aural Imbalance:

In 2013 I produced a remix for UK artist Aural Imbalance. It appeared on his collection of remixes from  his Album “Legacy” released on the label Movementinsound.

I wrote a detailed analysis of the production and recording process here and the video of the studio session can be watched here.

When I do a remix I have a set of criteria that help me focus and keep the creative juices flowing.

First, I make it a point to use at least 80 – 90 percent of the original material sent over by the artist.

Second, I aim to maintain the “spirit” of the original track, which is vague to say the least, but the point is, I try to make sure the genetics of the original song are implicit in the final remix.

Finally, I will add new rhythm or percussive elements and more often than not a new bass line.

These parameters are surprisingly liberating and quite often I end up working on two or more remixes of the same song simultaneously. Once each remix has reached a point of maturity (or the deadline is looming) I send off both and let the label/artist decide which remix I should polish and refine. Often I finish both remixes and one is released and the other is used as promo or as “DVD” extras.

In the case of working on ideas for the Into Space remix three distinct ideas evolved, one rooted in the drum and bass oeuvre of the original, one rooted in my deep/dub  techno approach (an hommage to my longtime collaboration with Aural Imbalance) and one track that made it onto the remix album, which meets somewhere in the middle of the two extremes.

Presented here are the two other remixes I made while creating the official remix.


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