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H229 is a techno collaboration between Xavier Morel (Juno Reactor/T&F) and I. The Haunebu EP is our first release – it came out on Nachstrom Schallplatten in November 2011 and features remixes by techno heavyweights Mike Parker, Baas Mooy and Rene Whalther.


1 Haunebu (Original Mix)
2 Repulsine (Original Mix)
3 Repulsine (Bas Mooy Remix)
4 Repulsine (Mike Parker Remix)
5 Haunebu (Rene Walther Remix)


About the Collaboration

Xavier is a world class DJ and has ears of gold and I know how to turn people’s ideas into sound.

The way it works is that Xavier, while on his many travels to and from gigs, sits and makes ideas on his laptop and creates the basic identity of some tracks. When he is happy with a set of sounds and loops he comes to me with them, explains his vision for the track and we discuss the overall direction he wants to take.

I then arrange, engineer and mix his loops and ideas into fully arranged songs.

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