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Tokyo still feels strange three weeks after the massive earthquake and ensuing tsunami that devastated North Eastern Japan and seriously crippled the Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant in Fukushima.

Although there are massive energy shortages in both fuel and electricity around the Kanto area things are slowly falling into old rhythms and life goes on as usual – gasoline stands are open for business and goods are trickling back onto store shelves.

Some shopping districts are already ramping up to full steam ahead, I saw some outdoor TV screens working for the first time today but power crisis is set to continue for some time.

Signs of life return to Tokyo - Nishi Shinkujuk, Tokyo April 2nd 2011

Bottled water is still hard to come by in Central Tokyo though, so much so that water rental companies are now openly advertising on the streets.

Water rental services for sale - Shinjuku, Tokyo April 2nd 2011

But this is the best time of year to be in Japan. Spring is in the air and the Cherry Blossoms are just about to bloom.

Cherry blossoms about to bloom - Sendagaya, Tokyo April 2nd 2011

Cherry Blossom viewing in Japan, called Hanami, is a national past time and this season brings a lot of joy and beauty to people in the city. I am thrilled that we move into this season now as I know the Sakura will uplift many spirits.

Jackson Porrock in the sky - Sendagaya, Tokyo April 2nd 2011

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