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Wada Collaboration

DJ Wada – One


1 one

2 alternate life

3 falaba

4 kalin (collaborate with Shane Berry)

5 madagascar

6 quantum

7 choose one

8 albino (collaborate with Heigo Tani)

9 first contact (collaborate with A-Inc)

10 pino

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DJ Wada of the mighty Co-Fusion and one of my all time favourite techno DJs approached me a few months back to collaborate on a track for his new album on Sublime Records. I just got an e-mail from him and the album is scheduled for release end of October. Wada is a techno legend in Japan and a true master of the mix. I first heard him DJing at the legendary Techno Club Maniac Love 9 years ago and have never hesitated to go and dance to one of his sets. I am so happy to be involved with his new project and I learned so much working with him in the studio.

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  1. Ward

    congratulations shane…
    wada is frikkin awesome.
    must be great when someone so hot picks you to work with them.
    i hope it get to hear the track some time.

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