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Shane Berry Live at Womb for Taico Club feat. Dominik Eulberg
Thanks to Taicoclub and Womb for their generous support, I am very grateful.

Also a big thanks to Dominik Eulberg – gracious and patient behind the decks – a true inspiration.

Oh and for the record, my computer DID NOT crash!

It was part of the show,

I designed part of the third track called “Composition with Real Breakdown” to emulate a Macintosh Laptop over processing an audio file. When an audio file is too big to be processed it warbles and glitches and inevitably causes the audio application running the file to quit or stop running and when that happens the audio comes to a dead silence punctuated with a dud warning sound.

Because I am getting a reputation for wild and intense breakdowns I thought it would be funny to have a literal break down in the set and it worked so well that the ‘joke’ was lost on the crowd who – surprise surprise -thought my computer had really blown a fuse.

I have the edited ‘shane berry live at Womb’ set here so you can hear the experiment for yourself.


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