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Sometime around 1999 Swayzak released a 50 copies only white label of tracks “Easy ” and “Hof Ter Lo” as a taster of their 2000 album “Himawari”

Neither of these tracks made the album in the end, but they are now remixed and re-edited by Rennie Foster and Shane Berry. The originals are brought back to life, and given a twist in a new direction.

Ten years on we look into our archives and have a new feeling for these old tunes. . .

1 – re
2 – Hof Ter Lo (Rennie Fosters Dirty Works Mix)
3 – Easy (Shane Berry Dirty Works Mix)*
4 – Hof Ter Lo

* This was one of the tougher and more challenging remixes for me to do.  I only got a finalised .wav file (no stems) so I had to cut up and rework the original track and then layer my ideas in and around the loops I chose.

It was particularly tricky to find variable loops because of the vocals so I basically cut out loops with the least information in them and then filtered off the bottom end (the kick and bass line) with a 4 band EQ  in Ableton Live and then rewrote the bass line in logic (I re-wire everything through Logic Pro) and added my own drums and synthesizer parts.

The clap in the original is fantastic so I kept that in as much as possible.

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