Sounds of Belgrade – 004 – Lea Dobricic

Sounds of Belgrade is a two hour radio show showcasing the talents of DJs and producers living and working in Belgrade. During the first half hour of the show I ask our guest a few questions about their music and inspirations and we listen to some of their original productions or music that inspires them. After that we get into an exclusive 90 minute guest DJ Mix.

Our Guest for this episode is Producer and DJ Lea Dobricic and she dropped by the studio here in downtown Belgrade where I asked her a few quick questions.

Exclusive DJ Mix Playlist
001 Klangmechanik – Upstairs (Original Mix)
002 Chrono – Bangladesh (Original Mix)
003 Lea Dobricic & Mancha – Reachable (Original Mix)
004 Denis Horvat – Drums ‘n Roses (Sabb’s Siempre Mix)
005 Macromism – Rave nu world (Original Mix)
006 Sabb & Eddy M – Cowbell Talk (Original Mix)
007 Danny Serrano & Cuartero – I Know (Original Mix)
008 Mihalis Safras & Siwell – Method Man (Original Club Mix)
009 Pierre Deutschmann – Rear entry (D-Funkshion Remix)
010 Pion – Footworkz (Original Mix)
011 Kenny Ground – Mia (Lorenzo Navarro Remix)
012 Joey Daniel – You Know My Streez (Original Mix)
013 Ross Evana – Just A Groove (Original Mix)
014 Sinc, Matteo Spedicati – Variation 1 (Original Mix)
015 Alex Costa – All In (Original mix)
016 Mac Dephoner, Alberto Cicuendez – Macic (Original Mix)
017 Ross Evana – These Sounds (Gregor Tresher Remix)
018 Cycle Six – Seduction Of The Innocent (Original Mix)
019 Lea Dobricic & Mancha – Unreachable (Original Mix)
020 Solee – Zebra (Original Mix)

Interview Playlist (Original Music)
001 Lea Dobricic – Voyager (Original Mix)
002 Lea Dobricic – XTC Love (Original Mix)
003 In between – Lea Dobricic (Original Mix)
004 Lea Dobricic & Mancha – Reachable (Original Mix)
005 Vid Marjanovic & Simon Roge – Cuba Libre (Lea Dobricic remix)

More from Lea

Full Profile.

Over the years, DJ Lea Dobricic has been using her distinct, timeless sense of music, and eye for the crowd to move hundreds of partygoers across countless dance floors. Born in Belgrade-Serbia, she was influenced by the local underground Electronic -music scene. At age of 10, she began to actively pursue her love of music by taking up vocal training and joining the local Choir. She always knew that she is destined to share her love and talent with music lovers around the world.

In 2005 DJ Lea decided to move to Florence, Italy to join the academy of Fine Arts. Her journey into the electronic music scene started at small clubs around Florence. It was not too long after, that she became one of the hidden treasures of the old city!

Working as a full time DJ and Producer, she has been rocking the house with heart and mind at many of the local clubs such as Tenax, KamKama, Frau Marlene, as well as many other clubs in Italy, Switzerland, Croatia, Serbia,…which have all been pleased by her live-performance.

She spins a contagious mix of deep house, Tech house, minimal and techno. Always with precise technique and extreme elegance, bringing you freshness, and energy, that is totally, and uniquely, LEA! Charismatic, easy-going, very talented and beautiful she’s had a meteoric appearance in electronic music scene, rapidly gaining a prestigious position in an environment entwined with men.

2006 she was invited to become the resident DJ at “Moyo”, one of the major, well known establishments in the city, Starting with a very modest setup, she was able to progressively improve on her skills in a relatively short amount of time. With Countless hours of practice and many sleepless nights, she was able to drive her performance to whole new level. Her basic interface is two turntables and a mixer. Though today she plays using Traktor Scratch, she kept the “Jokey” in DJ: she never stopped beat matching. But she did add a MIDI controller for loops and effects.

Driven by her inspiration, she wanted to do more than just play great music; she wanted to make it too!Soon her talent wasnoticed by Ahmet Sendil’s label “Bosphorus Underground recordings” and she started to regularly publish for them and many other labels like ItaloBusiness, Butane,Killing Machine,No-Logic etc Today, she spends most of her time multitasking between Ableton Live, Logic Pro and various synths, wave editors and sample libraries. In addition, she is now eagerly learning math and physics (Things that she always disliked in school) in order to help her synthesize the right sound that will make that perfect fit. In May 2010, she was awarded the winning prize of the “Stefano Noferini Remix” Contest.Her submission was one among hundreds reviewed, a clear statement about her talent driven by her passion for the music. Remix is released on “Deeperfect” records.


Bosphorus Underground
Italo Business
Killing Machine