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I scored and arranged the music for the Japan SKYN® Flower Cart campaign.


Project: SKYN® Flower Cart Campaign

Role: Music Score, Arrangement, Recording and Production.

Synopsis:  This video has two main sections and a finale. The first part shows a young Japanese couple who really like each other, but they are shy. When they encounter the SKYN® flower cart, their relationship becomes sweeter and closer once they realise there is a condom in the flower packet.

The second part is documentation of everyday people interacting with the SKYN® Flower Cart art and reacting to the condom/flower combo and the sexual subtext therein, but in a lighthearted and gentle way.

The finale returns to the couple’s story in Tokyo.

Music: The music was scored and arranged prior to filming after I was given a brief and storyboard, and a clear sound reference.

Although the shooting style of the second part of the video is similar to the first part, the client wanted these two parts to feel a bit different from each other, but connected somehow.

The client wanted a waltz rhythm with warm, positive, romantic, uplifting, and light themed music, and a hint of christmas.

I recorded the guitar in my studio in Belgrade, and arranged, fine tuned and mixed the final work in Paris.

Media:; did an article on the campaign 

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