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Continuing my collaboration with award winning film maker Igor Simic. This is the trailer for his short film “Our Gaurdians – A little Homage”.
It will be introduced at the Short Film Corner at Cannes Film Festival 2015.


Our Gaurdians – A little Homage (English and French)


Sound Design, Foley, Location Recording and Production, Music score, arrangement and mix and film sound mix..


During his first day at work, a novice member of the intelligence agency learns the surveillance job from an experienced agent by monitoring a French art historian in Paris. The story progresses in a wandering, flâuner way, with a painterly visual approach, as it deals with bureaucrats with too much power and easily available technology to exercise their stupidity in the name of the state and public good. Our Guardians does not deal only with the experience of “being watched” and state voyeurism, but also with power. Leaks and revelations repeatedly remind us that power is abused. Who has the power to order someone to be followed, who is the bureaucrat doing the following? How does constant monitoring of citizens influence the people’s way of thinking and attitude to freedom? Why is this mass, indiscriminate surveillance failing to keep citizens safe? Why was such a level of surveillance installed in the first place? How is the proclaimed public interest being blurred with private interests of large corporations and the super-rich? What is the duty of citizens in a democracy? The Surveillance song also addresses this issue in a playful way, using love as a framework. The jazz voice sings about unfulfilled love in a state of constant, Hobbesian internet, financial, and actual war of all against all.

Cast and crew:
Writer and director: Igor Simić
Director of photography and colorist: Nemanja Jovanov
Sound design, music and sound recordist France: Shane Berry
Art direction: Aleksandar Denić / Sanja Bulat
Editor: Djordje Stanković
Visual effects: Ivan Code
Cast: Nicolas Ragni / Svetozar Cvetković / Alexander Gortzounian / Alek Markowski / Melinda Kay / Tamara Krcunović / Joshua Erber / Alexandra Breznay / Isabelle Debernis / Rodrigo Reinoso and Vladimir Veličković
Assistant directors (France): Benjamin Silberman / Francesca Trentadue
Assistant director (Serbia): Ivan Stanković
Producer: Igor Simić
Executive producer (France): Benjamin Silberman
Executive producers (Serbia): Jelena Vorkapić / Ana Kostić


I was responsible for all the Paris based location recordings, composing, arranging and mixing the final song and music, and the final film sound mix including ADR, Foley and sound design.

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