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Early spring in Japan is a wonderful time to be alive. Though temperamental at times the weather is clear and dry and the crushing humidity of summer to come is a slightly wet breeze in the trees.

The cherry blossoms have long since petaled but a spirit of renewal and vitality still tingles in the air and surges in the ground.

What better time then to head to a camp site, install a 90 kilogram bass bin, accompanying speakers and a DJ set up, and then invite some of the most passionate and dedicated techno heads in Tokyo to come and spin a few tunes?


Despite a late afternoon shower that gets us soaked and scrambling to keep the gear and DJ booth dry the mood is high and when the clouds clear and the sun shines down we know that once again “just do it” has arrived and the sound checks can finally start.

So that is precisely what we do.

When I have the pleasure to play on, and listen to, such a clear and powerful sound system I am reminded of the true power of techno music. Its ability to move bodies and minds and even shape the very reality we stand in is brought forth in magnificent clarity and it’s all we can do to stand around and grin as the first record sound check is done.

Like the devout unto Mecca everyone present turns to face the speakers and a genuine reverence descends upon the valley the spell only broken by people shaking hands and patting one another on the back and the guys unpacking the lighting gear now that the rain has gone.

How can I possibly express my deepest gratitude to all involved in making this such a wonderful party? Words escape me.

Thank you everyone, the spirit and passion of Just Do It is the reason I make Techno at all.

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