Just Do It!

The annual Just Do It! outdoor techno festival (now called Just) took place this past weekend and as usual it was absolutely fantastic. There is nothing finer than being up in the mountains of Saitama, on the river, deep in a cool valley in early summer listening to great music on a lovingly crafted, crystal clear homemade sound system and sharing it with a few wonderful people there just for the love of it.

The DJ line up before me was a perfect flow of styles culminating in a live drum show by Drumno,  three live drummers rocking it out in real time in the middle of the campsite on acoustic drums and filling the night air with their intense and energetic show.

They set a perfect tone for my set which, though there were a few technical glitches and timing errors, nevertheless rocked and rolled.

This set is decidedly schizophrenic and meanders all over the place, deep and dark in places, melodic, synthetic and light in others. I also added a few tracks from my tribal alter ego “Amazoku” towards the end and polished it off with my first attempt at a vocal track “Sooner or Later” an up and coming release on Greta Cottage Workshop scheduled for later in the year.

Oh and watch out for those damn Vuvuzelas.

You can download the set for free here Shane Berry Live in Chichibu.

After me the sublime DJ Wang Gung took over from me and kept the flow moving deftly into the very interesting live electronic music of  Computer Soup. Armed with a muted trumpet, a sine wave generating oscilloscope and a laptop the guys really came out with some tasty sonic treats – and that is when I collapsed into my tent and floated off into the warmth of the supersonic bass.

I really love doing this party and I’m so pleased to be involved every year. The sound is so good that no matter where you are in the camp site you can hear and feel the music as if you are listening to it on a stereo at home, yet not once is it overwhelming or intrusive. From inside the tent it’s so relaxing to lie back and listen to tunes and on the dance floor it’s thumping enough to feel  in your bones, yet there is no need to shout to be heard, the perfect balance.

Speaking of tents, a big thanks also to Sarah, The Tsunami Devil, for showing us the ropes, literally. Camping without you would’ve been a tangled, exposed mess. Big hugs and kisses to you. Without you around I think we’d still be somewhere in the mountains trying to collapse the tent and roll up the sleeping mats.

Also thanks to Yosuke and friends for coming out very year and making a big noise during my set, your presence and energy are deeply appreciated.

And last but not least everyone who came together to do the party, real techno spirit.


THE KLO (potekoi disco)
TANGO (methane)
WANG-GUNG (void)
TEO (from seoul)


VEEM (hothouse TOKYO)