Instant But Distant: Music and Paper-VJ-ing Art Project

Instant But Distant from Igor Simic on Vimeo.

My latest collaboration with Igor Simic INSTANT BUT DISTANT is a 15 minute soundtrack to a quarantine-made paper-VJ-ing performance art film.


Instant But Distant

My Role In The Project:

Working closely with Igor on both a technical and artistic level I advised him on various aspects of the soundtrack and conceptual purpose of the audio. I was then responsible for creating 15 minutes of accompanying music.


A series of drawings and mixed media images are placed into view as the audio and visuals intertwine and feed off one another. The images play with internet culture and handwritten, material note-taking on immaterial, digital images, inspired by Duchamp’s extensive photocopied notes.

The audio is a collection of spoken word poems, field recordings, found sounds, and onomatopoeia recorded and performed by Igor Simic on his mobile phone during the May 2020 Covid lockdown in Belgrade, Serbia, and then forwarded to me.

Using these as building blocks, I composed and arranged a three part musical composition based around the spoken word segments and loops culled from Igor’s recordings. These “organic”, emergent sounds are then anchored and enhanced with electronic elements such as drum loops and synthetic bass lines and then interconnected by having certain elements crossover and blend from one section into the next, creating a shifting continuity that matches the moving images and the ideas within them.

For the title theme, Instant But distant, I re-recorded and re-sang Igor’s original musical idea (hummed into a voccoder app on his phone) and from those initial bars I developed the core melodic ideas into the opening theme of the piece. The entire piece is structured out of the Instant but Distant theme as it provides the initial tonal and percussive elements that the later “found sound” bits and pieces latch onto.

Cast and crew:

Written, directed, produced and drawn by: Igor Simic
Composed, arranged and mixed by: Shane Berry
Vocals by: Igor Simic, Shane Berry

Year: 2020 – present
Length: 15 min
Format: Vertical 16:9 (Color)
Sound: Stereo
Screening: Mobile


The Fall Show 2020, Upleteni, at Cvijeta Zuzoric, curated by Maja Ciric:

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