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Yes it was cold, Yes it was an outdoor party at the end of November, Yes the organisers, participating DJs and supporters of “ Just Do It.” are mad techno monsters and this is precisely what mad techno monsters do.

Find a small secluded camp site nestled in a narrow valley in the mountains outside of Tokyo; haul in a custom built homebrewed sound system – monstrocity version 2 – with a 90kg bass bin; invite a gang of passionate, dedicated artists and DJ’s to join the roster; put them on a top of the line DJ mixer with crystal clear monitoring and leave the rest to the imagination. Oh, add a laser, a mirror ball, industrial strength strobes and a smoke machine to boot, you know to help with the imagination part and off we go.

This is pure passion, This is what it is all about.

At one point the music stops completely and the valley descends into silence. I head over to the the DJ booth to see if there is a technical glitch but there isn’t anything of the sort. They are patiently swapping out one mixer for another because the scheduled DJ prefers the sound of his own mixer, which he has brought along with him and half a ton of vinyl. Instead of being a nuisance it is an essential part of the evening. Even before my set there is silence as I am plugged into a top notch power converter and handed a set of homemade cables as thick as my little pinky.

I hook in, boot up and the journey continues.

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