Cruz Fade – Shane Berry Live at Air

Wow, 200 people rocking it out in Air on a Tuesday night, what a great gig!

Staff were friendly and professional and fellow live act (and Moph Label mate) Testuji set the pace perfectly and the support DJs before and after us were top notch.

Color me impressed.

Performance wise I had a blast, I love the feeling of the floor vibrating under my feet and filling my chest, the sound system in Air is world class, and it reminds me how deeply this music is ingrained in my body and soul.

Apologies to Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson if he ever hears me mangling his hilarious and informative description of what it would be like to die in a blackhole.

Let him know I do it only out of the deepest respect and awe for his passion and dedication to keeping the lights up in a dimming world.

The man shines as bright as his stars.

A lightly edited recording of the set is available for download here for a limited time.